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    So I'm working on a plugin called BukkitBB for my server, and I'll probably make it public depending on the results of this thread. What it does is makes it so that Bulletin Boards (forums) require registration to be from in game. There are many reasons behind needing this, but two of the main ones are that it prevents bots and certain automated spammers, and, it makes sure that anyone joining your Minecraft forum are there for Minecraft.

    The way it works is that users will probably end up using a command, /register <username> [password] <email>. Entering the password will be optional; if a password isn't supplied, a random one will be generated and will be emailed to the user. From here, the user must then go to their email to activate the account, although that setting is changeable but enabled by default.

    The reason why I created this thread was because I wanted opinions on this plugin. I want to be able to have a decent Pro's and Con's list at the end of the day. Also if there are any suggestions as to what I should add, I wouldn't mind it.
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    @MrAwellstein So this is pretty much just to verify that someone's actually a player using the server? Sounds good to me.
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