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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Little question for everyone... Would you like a mobile app for SpaceBukkit?
    Read as: Would you want an app specific for SpaceBukkit (Android, iPhone, ...) instead of using the website...

    Also: This is for POST release ;) (after release)
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    eventually, but not if its going to delay spacebukkit :D
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    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes ^.=.^
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    Niiice :D Do it :)
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    i heard SpaceBukkit will be released in 2 days

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    Nope, it's the closed beta. Sorry!
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    ohhh i tryed to start a rumor
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    Chuck Testa ftw :D
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    I'm sooooo looking forward to this. :D
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    The biggest advantages would be better UI performance and the ability to create phone alerts on certain events.
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    Will a host implement SpaceBukkit as UI?
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    Probably, but we won't sell it before our 1.0 ;)
  15. Duh I'll even help you make one or make it for you if you want :D
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    Very cool! I originally bought McMyAdmin, but haven't used it lately and have been looking for something to replace it. This seems to be it, can't wait to get my hands on it =).

    If you guys implement a decent API, then I'd say just wait on developers to fill the gaps on mobile development. As an iOS developer, I can tell you that I'd definitely be up for making one when an API is available. And my server isn't even that large, just a semi-private one. From a financial standpoint, however, developing a mobile app in-house would provide you guys with some funds for all your hard work, so long as you decide to charge a couple bucks for it.

    In any case, I'll be rabidly watching this topic, waiting till I can get my hands on this =).
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    I could help with Android, I can do quite basic stuff. (wow that sounds bad.)
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    I could help with some of the JAVA, as I see you only have ONE developer for JAVA and if you need another developer then I would be glad to help. Skype: ChillerCraft AIM: ChillerCraft Email: [email protected]
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    Would you mind checking the PM from me?
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    Just woke up, I'll reply in like 4 hours ;)
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    this is a secret note that Antariano likes this Post????
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    Will we be able to use this with a server that is hosted by a company?
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    If the company uses it or you have a vps or dedicated server from them.
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    The cpanel that the company is giving me is TCAdmin... My server is not a vps or a dedicated server. It is shared with other players. TCAdmin is the worst man. NO console. :(
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    To use SpaceBukkit, you'll need to ask your host to use it. SpaceBukkit needs a webserver like Apache.
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    Is the closed beta release still planned for the 16th?
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    Hey, that's tomorrow :D
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    My condolences. TCAdmin is terrible. I ran it for a while on my dedicated box, but it would cause Minecraft to take 10+ minutes to restart the server :/
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    When I restart the server using TCAdmin it is actually restarts very fast. Takes like 5 secs. :D
    May I ask what you are using now?
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    I was using MCMA... but the dev for that is really slow with his updates. I'm waiting for SpaceBukkit now :)
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