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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Closed beta 17th or open beta 17th?
    I sure hope open, since closed is first :D
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    What is the difference between Closed Beta and Open Beta ?
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Closed beta is for ppl that participated in the big test, open is for everyone.
    I thought you said today or tomorrow :'(
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    I have send you a message Antariano pls read
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    I can help you with HTML / CSS / JAVA / JS if you want, but i won't be able to work a lot cause of school...
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    Yay. Another 6 days to wait...
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    Guys, I hate it more then you do. Please support me in this decision, SpaceBukkit is not ready yet.
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    I support you ;)
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    If I may ask, what bugs are still present preventing the release for six days? I am not attempting to start a war of sorts. I am just curious.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    This kind of things makes me more patient always. I like to know whats going on.

    To be honest, I was pretty sad that we didn't get closed beta when it was supposed to be released, but I understand as those bugs need to be fixed someday anyways. =P
    I am happy that this project exists and you are really putting this much effort into getting us something that makes our server managing more enjoyable. Also the fact that you are doing this completely free. What else could we ask? I mean, thats already nice from you that you are still working on this project nonstop.

    What I am saying, take your time with the bugfixes and so on, we can wait. I've got lots of time and I can stick with McMyAdmin until this project is done. =)
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    Thanks, that means a lot to us :)
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    Are you SURE you don't need any more closed beta testers? ;)

    Oh, also, will this have auto updating ala Wordpress? Literally just extracting the updated files over the old is enough. Wordpress does this through PHP if the PHP process is run as the user who owns the files (generally done through suPHP or mpm-itk). If it can't write it'll ask for FTP, would be great to see both implemented and shouldn't be too much work! :)
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    Update script already done, altough It might need some tweaking. We need to test it a bit, i feel it's a bit "unstable".
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    Is there an API ready for plugin developers to write configuration attachments to spaceBukkit?

    It would be nice to get my plugin space-age ready soon :)
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    So plugins that need Permissions and bPermissions can still be used with the group thing, right?
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    There is an API, but it's not ready :)
    It is one of our top priorities though.
    Pardon me? I don't understand you're issue :)
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    :) Let's say that there's this one awesome must have plugin and I'm using Spacebukkit. But the plugin requires Permission or bPermissions for it to work. Do I need the Permissons or bPermissions for the plugin to work, or is the group thing on Spacebukkit is compatible with the plugin?
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    Ah, ok :) The role system, or groups how you call them, is just applied to the panel. Permissions won't be affected. As always the philosophy of SpaceBukkit is complete freedom of choice. To answer directly: You will need Permissions or bPermissions (or any alternative)
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    K, bro, thanks.
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    Sooo amazing... <3
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    cant wait man.
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    Tom Williams

    Hey, so Im thrilled to learn about your project here, and am VERY eager to utilize it. Ive been running a server for a few years now and cant tell you how much something this awesome has been needed! Backup, server managment, and map repairs all rolled into one? couldnt ask for much more than that. Im willing to test and/or use your app on my server with over 5,000 registered users. I dont know if you considered advertising or anything yet, But if you have any banners or graphics available, Id like to advertise your app on my server as well as my servers website. I also host a teamspeak server that I would be willing to advertise it on as well. If your interested, get ahold of me anytime.
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: darkholom.net (Im embarassed by my website and am working on a MUCH better solution that isnt ready just yet)
    messengers: available upon request
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    Actually, this talk of plugins which depend on other plugins (permissions in the previous conversation) brings up an interesting point -- any thought of building some concept of dependencies into the plugin finder/downloader/installer/updater thingy?

    It might be conceivable to even say "must have one of these 4 permissions plugins installed", for instance...

    As always, this would not be determined by the SB team -- too much work -- but rather, as is done with the plugin interfaces, the plugins themselves could define dependencies.

    Just a thought...
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    Actually, we already have that. It's not implemented yet, but I can already read if dependencies are necessary if you install a plugin via bukget. I need to extend the bukget UI a bit first, though. Maybe in open beta :)

    Thanks Stephen :)

    Thanks a lot for your message Tom :)

    Banners... why not? I'll design a few.

    Backups are not implemented as of yet, but will be there in open beta. I cut the feature list for CB so we could get it out before christmas lol
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