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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Can't wait!!! Ohnoes, if closed beta starts in 1-3 days, I'll miss it D:
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    I really am looking forward to this, This is a really good Web-Admin.
    Thanks for creating this!
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    As usual take this ETA for not granted (I d0n't want to break promises) :

    about 3 days.
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    And, what about a mobile version ? It would be awesome !
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    According to Antariano the website is going to be mobile-friendly.
    (I plan on trying myself on an Android app)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    If you need help with Android, PM me :)
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    As @half_bit pointed out, with open beta we will roll out our mobile interface along with a fresh and new, completely rewritten and restyled web interface.
    This new "version" of Spacebukkit has been lovingly called "Sputnik", and us devs are really looking forward to it since it will include some pretty awesome stuff (e.g. addon and module system, a complete code-rewrite for better performance, a massive GUI update, non-lethal doses of awesomeness and SO much more :) )
    But since we want to publish CB right now production on Sputnik has halted, we are concentrating on getting beta out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Oh lol @Antariano , your image is brilliant :)
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    Hmmhmhmm... ops, a screenshot fell of my jacket. I better pick it up before someone sees it... :p

    This is a preview of Sputnik, NOT the beta :)

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    Demo! NOW!
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    For beta, a little side note.
    Since we are rewamping the interface in Sputnik bugfixes will only occour for FUNCTIONALITY bugs.
    So if a button is slightly off, I won't care. Sorry button, it's not that I hate you. Really. :D
    If there's something terrible not working we will of course take care of it :)
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    This is very, very, very sexy.
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    Argh, why do those screenshots keep falling out of my jacket?? dam it.. (again, this is sputnik, not beta)

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    :( stop making screenshots and let me you this awesome plugin :D
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    Sputnik is going to have configurable modules? The awesome level.... I think it's OVER 9000!!!
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    Sputnik will have a module/addon system implemented.

    The addon system is one of our greatest and main features we intend to have. It is quite simple and powerful at the same time.

    Since it requires a lot of work we'll release it when our main wrapper is done.

    For now I'll just give you some basic informations:

    You'll have a complete API at your disposal that will manage

    Panel -> Plugin -> Panel
    Plugin -> Panel -> Plugin


    We will have 2 different "types" of customizations:

    You will be able to create your own interfaces inside the panel in their own pages. You'll have access to easy to use content widgets (forms, tabs and all that good stuff) or just write completely custom pages, too (No content restrictions)!

    Modules don't have their own page but rather integrate into existing pages. Users can add them with drag and drop and place them where they want. For example, on the users page they can put a module for Iconomy.
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    Would this be something you would be charging for sort of like McMyAdmin? Or would this be totally free? :D Also, is it gonna be a plugin install or something like a parent directory to the minecraft server?
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    On the first post I stated that this will be free for personal usage. And installation of a SpaceBukkit enabled server requires you to set up a wrapper, but really it's just another .jar file in your server directory and a plugin
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    Gotcha! :p
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Beta time yet? :D
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    We're wrapping everything up right now. So let's say 1 or 2 days? I don't want this to fail cause of some stupid thing we forgot
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    Oh wow this looks amazing! I have been looking for something like this for a while, but nothing else ever seemed to work for me, either with cost or difficulty of use. This looks like it just might be what I was looking for! Keep up the good work!
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    /me is happy now :D Secret Friday Update? (Oh, that's long ago!)
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    I could give you a "Secret thursday spoil"? I've been working on something nice :D
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    Yep, me and Jamy just added something really cool. I won't spoil it, though. You'll see what it is in 1 week :D

    I'm no expert at emails, so do you guys know any way of sending multiple emails with "fields", so I can just make a database with license keys and names, and the emails get send automatically with the correct data?

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    You would have to loop through the database by ID with PHP, and grab the fields that correspond with that id.
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    Will it also be possible to upload/install plugins right from the panel?
    That would be awesome.
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    If you use MySQL and Linux and your MTA is configured to be able to send external mails:
    Save this as a script and edit the variables at the beginning, then execute it in bash

    TABLE= // table where keys&emails are stored //
    COLUMNKEY= // column where keys are stored //
    COLUMNMAIL= //column where e-mails are stored //
    ID= // column with IDs (1 to n increasing by 1 per line) //
    while outp="$(mysql -u $USER --password=$PASS -se "select $COLUMNKEY from $TABLE where $ID=$i ;" $DB)" && [ -n "$outp" ]
      echo "Yo.\nHere's your extremely awesome SpaceBukkit closed Beta Key: $outp" | mailx -s "SpaceBukkit closed Beta Key" "$(mysql -u $USER --password=$PASS -se "select $COLUMNMAIL from $TABLE where $ID=$i ;" $DB)"
      i=$(($i + 1))
    But then again, that's a bit overkill/overcomplex for some e-mails...
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    You could just call the phpmail() function with a GET function and send 10 emails per time (so first do 1-10, then 10-20 etc) depending on your server. Standard record stuff for emails themself, .$record['licensekey'] .

    Easier would be to generate the keys during the sending of the emails, then saving them in the database in the process. Best would be, of course, to link me up to the script if you do it that way with a GET function instead of sessions, so I can send myself a key (A)

    Though, since my server is backed by a registered company, I may just need the commercial version to begin with.
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