Open a chest..without opening THE chest.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NorthAntrim, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Recently my server has been becoming increasingly more popular.

    When new players join, I'll watch them for a bit when I'm invisible. There are however, some older players who I suspect of X-Raying who I will follow whilst vanished for awhile. Sometimes I find nothing strange, other times I do.

    A lot of the time I like to open a chest and see the diamond count, however, as of minecraft 1.8, the chest actually opens and makes a sound. This often alerts the player to strange activity and they run around saying something is up. Here is a more graphical version of what I mean:


    Anyway/plugins to get around this?

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    You can open his Chest if he not in the House!
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    A plugin that makes the chest opening packet(s) to not be sent to other players nearby and only to yourself should be possible.
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    Or you can wait for him to open it, and then right click it :p
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    Lunar Delta

    Or, alternatively, you could install the Raw Critics Ore Obfuscation plugin to stop people from X-raying.
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    or you could just not care and open the chest which i do when i suspect bad behavior
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