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    What listener do I use to tell if a player has died? currently I'm using an EntityListener with onEntityDeathEvent() but I don't know how to tell if the Entity is a Player or how to get which player it is if it is a player.
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    if (event.getEntity() instanceof Player) {
    Player player = (Player)event.getEntity();
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    @nisovin event.getEntity() doesn't seem to exist.
  4. onEntityDeath(EntityDeathEvent event)
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    not exactly what I needed to know...
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    Do a check using instanceof
    public void onEntityDeath(EntityDeathEvent event) {
        if (event.getEntity() instanceof Player) {
            //Entity is a Player
  7. Not exactly that you provided more info. We can't read your mind.
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    If it doesn't show up, and you're getting errors, you didn't set up your method right. Post your code if you want useful advice.
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    Father Of Time

    Frankly this is all this user ever does... He ask questions in circles for about two pages, restates the same problem over and over without providing any example code of what he has revised between his posts, like:

    Then becomes annoyed and begins lashing out at the very people trying to assist him; Oh, then gives up and starts a new thread on the same problem... Point in case...

    I found myself making similiar comments to yours:

    This users expects the community to do his work for him and feels if he says "it didn't work" enough that someone will simply come along and do it for him...

    Review the second page of the post above and you'll quickly see that this user is in no way interested in progressing with their understanding of programming, but rather simply wants to play dumb until someone does his work for him, and that dog wont hunt...
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    You just posted on my thread for no other reason than to flame me, @nisovin solved my problem (I forgot to edit the post). If you don't like me then feel free to ignore me but if you flame me like this I will report you every time.

    Edit: I also just noticed your "blacklisted developers:" thing in your signature, I don't see why you should try stop other people from helping us simply because you don't like us. That is offensive and does not help you in any way, I hope people won't actually believe this "blacklist" and realize how childish you are.
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    Father Of Time

    You can call it flaming all you want, but I never personally attacked you, nor were any of my comments intended to spark an argument... I'm just stating facts. What you call flaming I call informing developers that they are wasting time and effort...

    Now if you excuse me, I've wasted enough time on this...
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    So that's why you've "blacklisted" us. Your amazingly arrogant in the way you feel the need to judge people. As I said, if you want to ignore my posts and not help that's your choice, no one's making you. But the same things apply to everyone else: it is their choice, and frankly you have no right to tell other people who it is a "waste of time" to help.
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    Father Of Time

    Says who? I have the right to tell anyone anything I want, it's called freedom of speech... Just because you don't like the content of whats being said doesn't mean you have the right to silence the speaker, the only right you do have is to stop listening...

    Honestly I have no idea why I keep responding to you, it's utterly pointless...
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    You keep responding to me because you want to justify your unreasonable actions.
    If anyone actually bothers to read the report I sent and look at this thread I would be amazed if you weren't banned, because you certainly deserve it. The point of this forum is to help people with problems. You seem to believe that we shouldn't help noobs, but that makes no sense. If we didn't do that there would be very few plugins, plugin developers or bukkit users. Obviously yes, you can say whatever you want, but that doesn't make it in any way right. Just FYI you don't actually have the right to say whatever you want about normal people, and you certainly don't have the right to judge other people. I hate people like you who feel that because of the relative anonymity of the internet they can say whatever they want and act like a complete jack ass simply because there are no repercussions. Just because you aren't in anyway affected by your actions on the internet doesn't mean that all actions you take are moral.
  15. Father Of Time is completely right i'm afraid.

    @civ77 I know you may be knew but you should try looking at the source of other plugins and reading up on Bukkits javadocs or the tutorials on the wiki to become more acquainted with Bukkit instead of posting these simple questions.
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    I'm amazed that anyone can side with someone who is actively trying to stop others from helping someone. If you don't want to help why don't you just not post?
  17. Again you are just re-inforcing mine and @Father Of Time point.

    I am trying to help you and be kind by telling you that you will learn much more efficiently if you explore around Bukkit and do a bit of research and watch/read some tutorials. Try to stop being so sensitive.

    We're only offering you constructive criticism and you take it as a personal affront and if you continue to do this you will be hard pressed to get help here.
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    Father Of Time

    I have no interest in perpetuating this conversation, but your points are so absurd that it almost demands a response…

    Quiet the opposite, I am responding because your comments are so ludicrous that I feel obligated to point out how wrong you are, hoping that I may jar some sense into you…

    So individuals who have posted hundreds of informative post, have over 50 likes and spend nearly every day thanklessly answering technical post for people just like you should be removed from the community? Then who exactly should remain here, people like you who know nothing and jump to conclusions at a drop of a dime?

    This has to be simply the dumbest statement I’ve heard in a very long time… It has nothing to do with whether or not you are a “noob”, 95% of the people in this community are, and I find their drive to improve their proficiency as a programmer uplifting and inspiring; but you sir do none of the above. I have never seen you take any initiative with your problems, you do as little as possible and even when people give you the exact answers you need you simply dismiss them by saying “it didn’t work”, without showing us how you implemented the suggestions and how they aren’t working.

    You have no idea what it is to be a programmer, you simply don’t know how to explain your problems, break them down into digestible pieces for the public, and how to implements the suggestions presented to you; its these reasons why we tell you to take a few steps back and revisit the basics, not because we feel you are inferior because we know more than you… my ego doesn’t drive my decision making…

    You just contradicted yourself… so which is it?

    Oh, I guarantee you that the anonymity of the internet has no barring over what I say, and in fact if we weren’t on this forum I would have said a great deal more about how I personally feel because I wouldn’t be obligated to abide by the code of conduct here at Bukkit forums… You make a great deal of assumptions based on nothing, that simply make you look foolish…

    No, but I am wise enough to think before I speak, and I am 100% confident and comfortable with everything that I’ve said… Just because you take offense to something doesn’t it was said to be offensive… civ77, you aren’t the center of the universe, how you feel isn’t a shared emotion among all humans…

    You are completely incapable of stating anything off of personally experience, you simply regurgitate the same arguments that every single forum user on this planet uses. Notice how my comments are all based of your previous actions, while yours are assumptions about my character are based off of internet user stereo types…

    Give it up civ77, you have no leg to stand on here…
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    yeah lol whats wrong with helping another user out, no matter how simple the problem/question is

    and father of time why are you trying to win this pointless argument? civ77 is obviously bad at programming, still doesnt give you a reason to bash him

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    While I mostly agree with you, attacking this guy is obviously not helping, and let's be honest, the blacklist thing is just childish.
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  21. @brand If you look at the first few pages of plugin development and the threads involving @civ77 you will see that @Father Of Time couldn't be more right.

    I have tried on numerous occasions to help him out but as Father Of Time accurately pointed out he simply replies with it doesn't work without even showing how he tried to implement the code. Furthermore, while civ77 may be new to Bukkit if he can't be bothered to learn Bukkits API then frankly I can't be bothered to help him.

    You do not just come into a community and ask a question about every single thing - especially where there are a multitude of resources he can turn to. He simply chooses not to (Despite me providing him with various links) and continues to ask these questions to which he should already know if he had bothered to do any work himself.
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    @Father Of Time
    I would appreciate it if you never commented on any threads I start and I will do the same for you. Please remove your "blacklist: civ77" thing from your signature as it is blatalntly offensive and implies that I am some sort of hacker. If you want to hold your childish little vendetta against me feel free, I will ignore you, as long as it doesn't interfere with my ability to learn Java or the bukkit API. I do not care how you respond to this and I do not care how you feel about me as long as you don't hijack my threads.
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    try to understand that these "pointless" questions on the forums dont affect the forums as a whole in any large negative way, so essentially saying "your bad at programming your questions are stupid and can be easily solved, GTFO" is the worst route to take. A better response would be "Hey there are resources to solve this problem that are easily accessable, here they are: blablalbla"
  24. Fine. I would like to help you as I have nothing against you; I would just ask that you do a little extra work/research on the side.
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    okay I appreciate that, I suppose I over reacted to you (not Father of time). I assumed you agreed with his position that he should be able to excomunicate me from bukkit.
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    The issue in the OP was resolved, the rest of this is going off the topic of onEntity/PlayerDeathEvent. Locked!
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