one way see through mirror [FORMATTED]

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    Plugin category: [MECH] i think

    Suggested name: 1WayMirror

    A bit about me: i have been running a server since april 2011 while working at 4 jobs so i don't have a lot of time for things and that includes figureing out how to make plugins myself(which i would love to do)

    What I want: i want a plugin that i could use to make see through mirror like effects. i figured it could be done in a similar way as when looking through glass into other blocks how you don't see the other blocks like glass or sometimes clouds just vanish when viewed through glass. maybe set it up and power it with redstone and it only sees through solid blocks it's attached to like in these pics


    also set it up so that you can't see through from the other side people would only see the solid blocks

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin just redstone input

    Ideas for permissions: something like 1waymirror.create 1waymirror.use
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    This would only be possible while using SpoutClient, jus' saying. Unless it would remove your players packet while X blocks behind the glass.
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    thats kind of what i'm saying i guess (not sure what players packet means) but yeah something like when your near it it lets you see through but it only works with redstone and only on blocks it's attached to, although lots of people keep saying it should be craftable so that one side is a seethrough glass and the other is a solid block but i figured that would only be possible with spout, this way idk maybe it is only possible with spout period but i figured whats the harm in asking since idk how to make them myself and i don't know whats possible and whats not

    sorry for the long sentence or what not havn't slept since yesterday and it's almost time for work now
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    Or if the player is on one side of the glass, you could send a change of material to that one player, so it appears like it is one way glass.

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