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    Hello Com,

    Im just searching for a plugin, that allows a user to use a command ONE time during beeing on the server. Maby a permission that allows admins to use it anyway.

    The force is, i let the users spawn in a tiny room with some signs where they can read commandos with explanations, and so on, like informations about the promoting-system. After they read they just should use a command like /outhere to get to the global spawn point. They will automaticly broadcast "Hello Admin, i read the rules and want to be promoted." (by bshortcut (; )

    For to prevent spamming i just want them to use this command one time only.

    Would there be any easy way to perform with a existing plugin? Could someone help me? :D
    Greez thamma

    Bump... Please help or hint me :D

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    Celtic Minstrel

    Would be pretty simple to do, I should think.

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