On SOPA, PIPA - a threat to our freedoms

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    Today marks what could possibly be the largest protest across the internet to date. Many people have banded together to show their dislike and support against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and other bills like it.

    I think I can speak for the team that we strongly disagree with such archaic limitations of our freedoms. So why aren't we protesting or blacking out bukkit.org?

    Simple. We feel that we'd be preaching to the choir. Our community is filled with technically informed individuals who have probably already heard of the crisis a hundred times over. A small site like ours going black would achieve little other than causing an inconvenience for everyone. Larger sites like Google, Wikipedia and the like are already sending the message out there loud and clear and are the ones who can really make a difference.

    While the current legislation mostly affects Americans, there are similar bills attempting to be passed in Europe and other areas of the world. As a result, while we feel that a blackout is not necessary, we urge everyone to read up on SOPA, PIPA and similar bills to educate themselves and do what is necessary to stop them from being passed.

    For more information on SOPA and PIPA and why it is a threat to the internet and our freedoms, please see the following sites and/or watch the following videos:
    Don't Censor The Net
    What does SOPA mean for us foreigners

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    Of course. I wouldn't let me life be taken away by some old people up at Capitol Hill...
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    S.O.P.A. MY ***** **** ASS, come on america, you guys are crazy, if they really think this works, they must have lived in a cave with donkeys for ~40 years!

    long live Holland wich would never do this stupid kind of crap!
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    This would really make people petition... I know many people who depend on Google Accounts from day to day. If they blacked out, hell would break loose. GO GOOGLE :D
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    Most of there company is in the usa I do not believe this will happen but as there company is set up they need the internet to keep expanding if someone was able to reverse this effect(sopa/pipa) it would destroy the value of all search sites. All search site require there index to maintain a level of sites every time the index reaches a mile stone its time to build a new system thats why you see a change every 6 mo. but if sopa and pipa pass a major number of sites will close the first week to avoid legal attacks which will cause the index to fall quick. There one free service is what keeps there system running search is more like oil to google. No oil no cars. No search no google. The biggest hit will be if they cant maintain search all services will fall and they will fail to maintain major contracts which will end up with them getting sued out of existence. With this in mind they will do nothing to hurt search and is why you did not see a full black out on google. Bing may survive due to more deals with places opposed to sites.
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    im already seeing how links to 'fuck sopa' sites are not working anymore...
    i don't know what you guys are doing, but if internet is gonna be fucked like this (wich i hope it will not)
    i will buy a zombie proof house, and some weapons.
    just since without internet, the world will turn into hell.
    and america will be a f*cked.
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    SOPA is SOPA does.
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    The other thing is Google relies heavily on their advertising. If a lot of sites are going to be closed down, then the advertising is going to be severely hindered too. A lot of Youtube videos have adverts on them, as well as many blogs, forums etc. That's where their main revenue is. The search engine just helped them get to this stage.
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    What I find utterly ridiculous is why some people are supporting SOPA.

    In response to SOPA letters sent to him, a Georgia Rep, Phil Gingrey (R) sent back the following:
    Apparently, destroying the internet creates jobs.
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    i am imerican can i use this vido if i send an email to stop this crap

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    This can be very bad for bukkit. If you think about it, many plugins are copyrighted and the use of a copyrighted plugin on a server could lead to the server getting blocked.

    Some plugins are copyrighted without anyone knowing. Mine are all copyrighted because in Canada any code that someone writes is copyrighted automatically.
  13. I dont understand why you would be defending the government, seeing as they are about to enact sopa and pipa. Its only the government that can do such a thing, dont you see it? Its an evil institution
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    I'm not sure, but couldnt these bills be considered unconstitutional? They limit freedom of speech, right?
    I don't really know, but I really doubt these will pass. If they do, (despite all odds) i'm expecting an increase in suicides.
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    I've actually been thinking the same thing. As well as suicides I wouldn't be surprised if there was terrorism too.
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    no kiddin
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    As some of you might know already, MegaUpload has been shut down by the FBI.
    Now the owners of the site and anyone related are being prosecuted for causing 500M $ worth damages to the
    music and movies industry, which is a stupid move. MegaUpload is not responsible for any of the files that are
    being uploaded just like youtube, and the fact that this site has been brought down is a violation of the Digital
    Millenium Copyright Act. For me it looks like the beginning of the internet devestation
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    There are many things that the U.S. government does that goes against what they say they stand for. They do stuff beneficial to themselves and the people that help them out. They try and control other people and make laws based on what gets them more money. It would make sense that they would want to eliminate the internet because it is much easier to revolt with the internet.
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    I heard everything about SOPA and PIPA stopped today when Obama stepped in, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't get much intel since I'm Canadian. I suppose Megaupload will remain shut down, though - illegal arrest of the owner when the bill wasn't passed, makes me wonder if Americans have too much control over internal authorities and the internet. The internet, after all, started in the states.
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    All of this makes for good content for a new Zeitgeist movie :D btw watch the movies if you haven't yet, contains a lot of knowledge. Start with movie 2, then see movie 3. Movie 1 isn't as important.
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    ZachBora I am preparing for WWIII, filling my brains with the needed willpower to STOP following the horde and STOP buying useless waste that causes global pollution and poverty. This entire Internet thing...didn't surprise me to the least.
    1. Media say that 'blablabla social media blabla organized protest'
    2. Governments don't want protests, they want labour and income to protect their homeland
    3. They want to stop protests and force people to labour
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
    Not even joking. Want to deal a fatal blow to 'those mad people that support SOPA and PIPA'? Stop buying their movies. Stop buying their goods. But don't download it illegally either. Would you buy from a person you hate?
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    SOPA is done but PIPA isn't.
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    Started in the States? I'm fairly sure Tim Berners-Lee is British. :confused:
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    Woah... just got an email from Mark Kirk (I dont know who that is). I removed my email and name. For some reasons the copy/paste cut some spaces...

    Senator Mark Kirk [email protected]
    Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 4:26 PM
    Responding to your message

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    The internet was developed by the Department of Defense in 1969.
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    Can you show us where you found out about this?
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    Actually only halted. They may come back.
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    The good news is, after 7 million signatures on a petition, and tons of resistance, Congress has decided to scrap SOPA.
    The Senate has decided to modify and postpone PIPA until a solution everyone likes is found. Yay!
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    Ah, sorry about that :p
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