On SOPA, PIPA - a threat to our freedoms

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Today marks what could possibly be the largest protest across the internet to date. Many people have banded together to show their dislike and support against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and other bills like it.

    I think I can speak for the team that we strongly disagree with such archaic limitations of our freedoms. So why aren't we protesting or blacking out bukkit.org?

    Simple. We feel that we'd be preaching to the choir. Our community is filled with technically informed individuals who have probably already heard of the crisis a hundred times over. A small site like ours going black would achieve little other than causing an inconvenience for everyone. Larger sites like Google, Wikipedia and the like are already sending the message out there loud and clear and are the ones who can really make a difference.

    While the current legislation mostly affects Americans, there are similar bills attempting to be passed in Europe and other areas of the world. As a result, while we feel that a blackout is not necessary, we urge everyone to read up on SOPA, PIPA and similar bills to educate themselves and do what is necessary to stop them from being passed.

    For more information on SOPA and PIPA and why it is a threat to the internet and our freedoms, please see the following sites and/or watch the following videos:
    Don't Censor The Net
    What does SOPA mean for us foreigners

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    Good to see :D
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    Why would you even wanna do dat *cries*
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    good :)
    At least we can still use bukkit =D
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    Finally, I think you guys should still make it more noticeable like by doing the logo black out a lot of people are doing.
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    I agree about it causing an inconvenience, but the reasoning that because others are already making a statement so you don't need to is ignorant.

    Google didn't black out completely and stop their services, but they did make it known that they were against SOPA and PIPA through the blacking out of their logo. Bukkit can do the same.

    As irritating as it is that we cannot access certain sites that we depend on on a daily basis, it's only for 24 hours.

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    Down with SOPA and PIPA!

    Thats all for today have a wonderful Wednesday!
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    Glad to see that the Bukkit team took the time to bring up the subject, regardless how widespread the news it. I'm sure many users may not look at the home page every time they visit the forum though, so the idea by BrandonHopkins is a good one. However, is there any possibility that it could be done to the main logo for the rest of the day? That is where it would be most visible after all.
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    For once, I agree with something you stated.
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    yeah i went against pipa and soap go to google and click on the black box and put in your email and vote against it!!!!
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    I really wish that bukkit.org would take part in all this. I don't feel that it would be preaching to the choir, as this community has a huge reach. So many ppl look to an rely on bukkit for their own start up small business's, that would be shut down after this bill is passed.

    If not a totaly shut down of the site.. at least a black out of the logo.

    It is clear to me that not enough ppl know about SOPA, and what they can do to stop it, and that is the reason for the blackout. https://twitter.com/herpderpedia (as an example of how little ppl know) So everyone that visits your site will at be able to read up and inform themselves about what is going on.

    My web site has about 1000 users, and my main demographic is 9 - 18. This seems like preaching to the choir.. But as long as one of theme members agrees and makes posts on their social media sites, that is progress.

    By the sheer amount of tweets and site blackouts already today.. We have seen senators pull their support for this flawed bill. Everything counts.. and we all need to stand up for what is rite.

    I love bukkit, and could not do what I do without it.. But I must say I am slightly disappointed with this decision to not at least do the bare minimum of blacking out their logo.

    Just my 2 cents
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    I really hope this doesn't go ahead. What would happen if somebody uploaded a plugin which happened to contain copyrighted content... Bukkit would be to blame :(
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    wait what i saw the popa and pipa when i logged in to my mc but i dont rlly get it though and i red the thread the guy said. is it rlly going to might be take out bukkit.org if so ill get on that website right now and go against it i love this website this is the only trusted server material i use i dont even rlly trust notch's own minecraft_server.exe but i still have to use it lol for now but if that weird rebeling on sumtin is going to effect bukkit im going to try my best to not let that happen ill go in the fricken military for it to just stop this maddness. i just say this website shouldn't go away when im still around
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    Indeed the little websites have very little effect individually, but all of them together does.

    It's good to see that somethign has been officially mentioned here :)
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    The whole idea of the bill is insane and stupid. How would they stop online piracy by limiting the internet completly?
    I mean, according to the bill about 90% of the sites are ilegal and should be brought down. In addition, the freedom
    of speech is being denied brutally by those bills, it seems like the goal is to make the internet a dull and boring place.
    Other than that there is no way to stop piracy, people will always find ways to get what they want for free,
    for example, people will go back to the old times where they could burn a CD that will contain copyrighted content
    and sell it which is actually worse than the internet piracy. The whole idea is probably a result of laziness, instead of
    limiting piracy and hunting down the people who commit those crimes they decide to shut down sites that allow
    people to express thierselves (YouTube, FaceBook etc.).
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  18. If that bill does pass I think I'll be scared to go on the internet...
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    [quote uid=36319 name="Sh8kezula" post=918533]I really wish that bukkit.org would take part in all this. I don't feel that it would be preaching to the choir, as this community has a huge reach. So many ppl look to an rely on bukkit for their own start up small business's, that would be shut down after this bill is passed.[/quote]

    This is true. Not all of the users of bukkit are tech guru's like the Bukkit team and most of the devs. They don't look for things like this. Not only that, but there are foreign users that do not think they will be affected. They need to be shown that the passing of SOPA/PIPA/ACTA. Infact, I'm sure most people don't know about ACTA. I learned about it from reddit myself, but thats beside the point. "Preaching to the <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> or not, being preemptive and push about it will help, regardless of who it is addressed to. It takes 10 seconds to fill out the info and send a letter via a petition website. The only way to be successful is to be pushy, and repeating yourself when its important never hurts.

    Useful links:

    Reddit.com plea
    Google.com plea
    dont censor the net
    Stop the wall
    American Censorship
    Sopa Strike
    Senator contact info
    House of rep contact info
    How SOPA works
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    A lot of those people just look like they can't be bothered to read. People like that aren't worth the effort.
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    On the subject of wikipedia being blocked....

    Just add ?banner=none to the end of the wikipedia url to view the article normally
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    Disable Javascript to access other blocked sites too.
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    It may cause inconvenience, but if passed the web could end up like that.
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    Glad to see bukkit has blacked out their logo. +1
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    I had already made one :I
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    Gov. should only Protect us. Thats the only job. Not get in our lives.
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    See what senators are tweeting about SOPA. If you disagree there are also links for you to tweet your senators.

    If they understand they will not get our support.. they will in turn pull their support from SOPA

    Lets all do our parts.
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    That's a pretty ignorant statement even though it may be true.
    Every voice matters in this.

    Walmart/Kmart/Target + all the other stores close - and the smaller mom & pop shops stay open?
    These things need to be taken more seriously because once something like that passes - have fun trying to protest it after.
    I'm glad you at least made a forum statement about it though.

    nvm - nice logo - thank you :)
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