On click block, connect player to different server?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ice374, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Hey I'd like to be able to have a block setup and when some of my players clicks they block they get switched to a different server, for example: say there were on survival.aaa.net:25565 and I wanted them to connect to.. hg.aaa.net:25565 can someone showme an example of how I would do this?

    I will like and follow anyone who solves my problem :)
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    Not possible without proxy tools or client mods, both of which will not be supported here.
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    Are we allowed to direct them to the appropriate topic/website?
  4. ice374
    Definitely possible, but not as easy as just teleporting a player. As said in the plugin request guide, it requires some complicated proxying. You might want to look into BungeeCord.
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    Look into BungeeCord or Lilypad and ask on their forums, but as necrodoom said, those are not supported here.
  6. Loogeh
    You might want to delete your post, he edited mine, and I didn't even give a link :p
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