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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jul 31, 2012.

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    For the past year the Bukkit project has been kept alive thanks to the support of several amazing companies who provide us with whatever resources we need to make things happen. Whether that was an emergency server to keep us up last minute when we ran into failing hardware because our server at the time couldn't handle everyone, or providing us with some seriously amazing and powerful hardware to host our extremely quickly growing site and community until our order for new hardware completed - our supporters have been there.

    One of those supporters is Curse who pour resources into passionate communities to help them continue operating and grow, much like they have and continue to do for us at Bukkit. Given how much money Curse has poured into the Bukkit project for hosting, as well as launching and supporting the BukkitDev service (just to mention a few ways they've seriously helped us survive) - I honestly, personally, would not mind placing some unobtrusive AdSense ads on our site as a way for them to recuperate some of their costs. So, when I came back from my hiatus and saw a shiny new Curse banner, I really didn't mind it much. The only thing that I was concerned about was that it was added across our sites without warning, and judging by the response from the community and my staff, many people felt the same way and wanted an explanation.

    After communicating with Curse about the situation and trying to figure out what happened, we've learned a few things that we'd like to share with the community to answer the questions and address the concerns that were brought up about the Curse bar. Simply put: it was recently brought to Curse's attention that they were not meeting some requirements they are required to follow due to regulation enforcement. As such, the decision was made to make whatever changes were necessary to ensure that they were abiding by all requirements first, and later to communicate those changes - and why they were necessary - to the Bukkit community management afterwards to avoid being penalised.

    We'll be working with Curse to address any issues caused by the addition of the Curse bar and to try to work towards something that the community is happy with. For instance, they've already mentioned that the "Become premium!" notice is temporary and only there to show their partners that Bukkit is also under their umbrella. At the end of the day, though, you are more than welcome to hide the bar, though leaving it there is a great way to show our thanks to Curse for everything they've done for our community and our project.

    As always, thank you guys so much for the continued support and your patience regarding this matter. We really appreciate it!
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    Nice :) I don't mind the Curse bar either, its a good way to show you are working with Curse.
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    I don't mind the curse bar so much. Without their support bukkit wouldn't have grown so much without their help. But at least could they make it "smaller" like on minecraft forum with the sign in in the right corner not in a second bar ? Also if they really want to show that bukkit is part of their "network" why didn't they add it in the curse sites list on their other websites ?

    Edit: It seems that only one of curse websites has bukkit listed in the curse sites tab http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/

    The others http://www.minecraftforum.net/ , http://www.diablofans.com/ , http://www.darthhater.com/ , http://www.arenajunkies.com/ and even curse itself http://www.curse.com/ dont list bukkit.

    and these 2 dont even have a curse bar http://www.wowstead.com/ and http://www.terrariaonline.com/ (maybe the regulation that applies to bukkit doesn't apply to them. I don't know)
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    Personally I don't mind at all. As A matter of fact I hardly noticed it...I don't think it's too big at all. The minecraft forum one looks kinda "awkward" because of it's size. The one here looks nice, and clean.
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    I really hates any ads around me.
    Because they are always big, flashing and still stupid.
    But this Curse ad is different from those other mentioned before so to my mind its okay.
    They are supporting bukkit so why should'nt they place their bar in here?
    But please.. dont make it larger or even flashing ;)
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    Someone translate that for me.
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    I just got premium anyway as it gives me some features to other games and beta keys so it's fine :). Good job Bukkit
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    With the Curse bar they have like a verification that bukkit is really working together with Curse.

    I quite like the curse bar, now I can join to bukkit, mcforums or mcwiki just with a button ;)
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    I am not a fan of Ads, But for bukkit. i can make an exception
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    I don't mind it, its at the top and not bothering anyone.
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    I admire Curse's attempt at blending a smooth website experience with a non-intrusive bar.
    I would also not mind adding Bukkit to my whitelist in Adblock if ads were to be introduced.
    Just another way to show my support for Bukkit! :)
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    yes but if they really want to show that bukkit is with them why aren't they showing it on the other sites ?
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    Most likely, their investors, wanted to know why they were paying money to support bukkit, but bukkit did not in any noticeable way support curse. I'm sure in some legal paperwork somewhere the investors and board of curse agreed to have a mutual support to make sure their money was being properly returned.
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    I have no complaints about adds when the companies work to help others, boobies and porn ads I can do without, My one complaint is, after installing and unistalling curse now it wants to reinstall everytime I reboot. Now I curse evertime I reboot
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    At first I didn't really like the bar; I thought it was intrusive and rather unnecessary. Great thanks for this post, I realized I don't mind the bar (most of the time I look further down at the forum anyway), and now I know it has some indirect benefit for Bukkit. I honestly would have liked it better if the Curse bar was actually in the user/login bar (it's more integrated with the site), but I don't mind.
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    I find it funny how some people find it damaging to there health, its a bar, live with it. Curse are great company.
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    I want nothing to do with it. The fact that I am CURSE PREMIUM yet it still shows bugs the crap out of me.

    This is why Curse is bad - they're all about money and big brother crap when they started as a semi-hardcore raiding guild :~(?
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    Its cool if they made the curse bar a little interactive with this website and the other websites and hopeful integrate a way to have one account for all the curse sites. Also like Kainzo and some others that have Curse Premium I don't want to see that.
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    Makes me just want to stop using all sites that are curse related. Backing out our plugins would be too detrimental.
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    Curse is in no way "bad". They had to put a quick bar up for legal purposes. Please tell me if they are in it for "money", why would they pay so much to support bukkit? Does that make sense to you? It is just a barely 30 pixel tall bar. Please get over it. Curse has kept bukkit alive, and even paid for them to go to minecon. They have done nothing but help, so a simple bar should be the least we can do to acknowledge their support.

    Also, yes, I am a proud curse premium member, simply from getting 1000 downloads on a plugin. This shows how curse isn't "All about money" when the award free premium to members for simply getting 1000 downloads.
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    Nice! Cant wait till I update the server!
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    This is bad for me to say because you said thanks for being pateint, you guys should update the get craft bukkit so the run.bat's work and update the "Current update" to currently (next update), im sry to be rude. When i went to update the server you said that the download for the recomended build was for 1.3 but the run.bat texts are the same for 1.2.5, is it updated yet and the page is behind??? Please would like to know!
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    Firstly, why are you complaining? This is a community-run project, they don't even have to make CraftBukkit.

    Secondly, what page are you looking at? Any that I've seen don't even mention 1.3. The "Setting up a server" documentation is in fact one recommended build behind! The Bukkit wiki is also a community run project, so anything that may be seen there can be edited by anyone.

    Thirdly, don't bother even commenting if you're not going to post something relevant to this thread!
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    So a company that has been pouring money into another company (that you couldn't run your server without) that has been aiding you for quite some time put a very small bar on a website, tell me more about how a small bar is harming you. At least it isn't spammed all over the website, in between posts.

    EDIT: If its such a bother, remove it. You're a developer I'm sure you could find a way.
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    What regulations? I cannot fathom what requires the addition of horribly implemented ads.
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    I doubt anyone will stop using Bukkit because of an ad.
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    I don't see a problem with the bar.
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    However it will help to prove a point. Why don't you move all your plugins to a separate forum on a sub-domain of your website.

    Money wanting greed... and a lack of care?
  29. I didn't even noticed it until I read this thread.
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    I hadn't noticed either until I read this thread.

    On a side note; I love this forum engine.
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