OH NO, a Minecraft update has broken Bukkit! What do I do!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 31, 2011.

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    First off, relax.

    If you're using the new Minecraft launcher, you have a choice on whether or not you want to update to the latest Minecraft release - simply choose "Not now" when it asks if you want to update and you can continue to play on your pre-update Minecraft server.

    If you're not using the new Minecraft launcher, backup your old launcher and update it by downloading it from http://minecraft.net, then follow the steps above.

    It usually takes us a few hours AT LEAST to get Bukkit working with the latest Minecraft update, so you're better off playing a different game or staying on the previous version of Minecraft, instead. If you have a special server that requires lots of mods, like a class-based server, consider backing up your world, running the new Minecraft update and calling it a grief/fun/fool-around period OR stay on your current version and just keep playing.

    Just remember, always backup so you can switch between versions. You're no longer forced to go weeks without a Bukkit powered server.

    Once we have a new Bukkit build that is compatible with the newest Minecraft update, we'll put it under rigorous testing and then promote it as a Recommended Build. Usually, due to the way Bukkit and CraftBukkit are designed, plugins should work just fine but there's no guarantee that this is always the case so be sure to test everything on a test server before you go live.

    Lastly, we're fully aware that a new update is out - usually before anyone else. Don't spam the forums with threads or IRC with messages informing us that there's a new Minecraft update out. We know. And we're working on updating Bukkit to work with it. The more you bother us, the longer it'll take.

    Have fun!
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    w8 so this 612 version can run my server?

    i want to update without loosing my plugins or world

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    Idk I might be asking a dumb question but do I have to start from the beginning with the newest CraftBukkit build or is there an easier way of doing it like just downloading the new build but keeping all my progress. I understand that I will need the newest versions of the plugins compatible with the latest build.
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    make copi
    es of your world file
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    You just have to download everything, replace it (I recommend you to make a back-up) and re-run the server!
    I think that's very simple.
    If you're afraid that your server will not be running right way anymore, just create a test-server :)
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    exactly if you a have a folder call craftbukkit make a copy put it on a flash drive or wat ev and every thing is saved
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    Alright thanks.
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    Just wanna say thanks for the good work guys! :)

    Using build #612 succesfully with the v1.4 Client Players.

    So far working is
    Essentials v2.1
    CraftIRC (v2.0 (preview #11))

    Just gotta wait on the rest of them to be updated
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    Can anyone give the 1.4 download link for mac?
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    Does the server work for you guys? if so can i get the link for download? i used the one above and yet the server starter wont pop up for me-.-

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    has sk89q Quit doing plugin work or is he not aware of whats going on ... ? hes one of the guys who should make money from his plug but alot of servers are waiting on him still :O . as i mentioned before someone prod him with a motivational stick please :).
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    lapzoo any more plugins that work
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    Actually u download the version with the green button on it's side, but in this case you need
    Build 612.

    Download me!

    Actually I don't want to download 400 Plugins and test'em...
    You can tell me which plugins I should test and I'd do it ;)
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    why thank you good sir i did not notice that in my waking stupor . gl with the 612 everyone ! I think we can wait a day for those very "essential" plugins but how many bukkits are going to be produced in the meantime O.O .Im one of those guys who is still running [556] and i doubt that compatibility will be solid untill the bukkit team hits 700 or so. Is everybody jumping the 600+ bandwagon or are the other OPEN servers just waiting like me ?
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    I run my online server with version 556,
    my offline test server with 612.
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    I flubbed up and upgraded my server on servercraft.co to 1.4 and without world guard as a minimum, I can't have it on without destroying half of the map lol :(

    Luckily I had a backup of the map, but it doesn't rollback to 1.3 when I apply it. So my server is off until sk89q gets worldguard updated tomorrow (hopefully). By then, most of the other plugins as well as a stable RB for 1.4, should be up.

    Waiting sucks.
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    does 612 work?
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    Thanks boss i appreciate the feedback :)
    oh and ... minecart mania whats your take on compatability for it ? I didnt see it in your tested list and its not gravely important but, since your runnin the tests :p . Thanks again chief
  19. So unfortunately, I just rented a server, and there are major chunk errors everywhere. Is this because of the new build (612) or because my server sucks?
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    I heard it is out now, is it?
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    List updated.

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    how do you run your server now???

    omg im getting really mad after trying at this for a few hours. How do you run your server with the new build!? It pops everything up but i cant find a way to start up the server! Someone please help me!

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    same here bro i cant figure out either lol
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    Congratulations you win the idiot of the day award... Mad because they haven't updated an entire library of plugins in a few hours... Also failing at basic troubleshooting.

    As far as running the server; the process is the same...
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    EvilSeph, I'm sure you're working your butt off to get this working. Great job!

    Just donated some bucks to show appreciation for your work man ;) and to keep ya motivated ...
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    No. It has nothing to do with plugins. Learn to read. I'm saying that there is no way to start up the server when i download the new build.
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    Tfs Halo

    i'm with him i am using build 612 with no plugins and it says

    Invalid or corrupt jarfile craftbukkit.jar
    Press any key to continue . . .
    oops forgot something here is what it has in run.bat

    @echo off
    java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui
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    With 612 all of my plugins are broken, is this a CB error? Or plugin error.
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    I seem to have those chunk problems as well. I don't think it is because of the build.
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    and i said the running process is the same...

    Halo did you try redownloading? Mine is working btw. just no plugin support yet...
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    haha me too
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