OH NO, a Minecraft update has broken Bukkit! What do I do!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 31, 2011.

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    First off, relax.

    If you're using the new Minecraft launcher, you have a choice on whether or not you want to update to the latest Minecraft release - simply choose "Not now" when it asks if you want to update and you can continue to play on your pre-update Minecraft server.

    If you're not using the new Minecraft launcher, backup your old launcher and update it by downloading it from http://minecraft.net, then follow the steps above.

    It usually takes us a few hours AT LEAST to get Bukkit working with the latest Minecraft update, so you're better off playing a different game or staying on the previous version of Minecraft, instead. If you have a special server that requires lots of mods, like a class-based server, consider backing up your world, running the new Minecraft update and calling it a grief/fun/fool-around period OR stay on your current version and just keep playing.

    Just remember, always backup so you can switch between versions. You're no longer forced to go weeks without a Bukkit powered server.

    Once we have a new Bukkit build that is compatible with the newest Minecraft update, we'll put it under rigorous testing and then promote it as a Recommended Build. Usually, due to the way Bukkit and CraftBukkit are designed, plugins should work just fine but there's no guarantee that this is always the case so be sure to test everything on a test server before you go live.

    Lastly, we're fully aware that a new update is out - usually before anyone else. Don't spam the forums with threads or IRC with messages informing us that there's a new Minecraft update out. We know. And we're working on updating Bukkit to work with it. The more you bother us, the longer it'll take.

    Have fun!
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    Good job! Keep up the good work! :D
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    Connor E

    Thank god you posted something to help out. Much appreciated! :)
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    I already have a simi working 1.4 craftbukkit coming up. I'll beat you all :D
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  5. Good work guys!
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    Thank you so much. I was freaking out for a minute there. My buddies and I just got things working the way we wanted lol. When the new server comes out is it going to delete all the work we've done and make us start over?
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    No, the map files won't have changed. The only thing that might change is plugin compatability.
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    I hope you can fix it as fast as possible, good luck with the protocol...
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    Thanks for the work, guys.

    AFAIK the API has changed since the last recommended build (e.g. Player-Block-Interaction events, pulled that one from git and could not use some plugins) so will this be in the new recommended build? This would mean we require updates for at least some of the big plugins (Permissions, WorldEdit, iConomy), right?
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    fantastic =)
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    Correct. We're not going to go backwards. Plugins are now forced to support the latest RB and then the new one we'll promote when we've got a 1.4 compatible update out.
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    Yay! I can take a break from admining and development!
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    EvilSeph, could you give a indication for us how long its going to take to make bukkit compatible with 1.4? doesn't matter if your indication is not quite right ;)
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    Will it support wolves?
  15. Good one Seph!
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    Dragonslife, see original post:
    Then you have to wait for the required plugins to be updated (e.g. Permissions etc. which are really necessary).
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    Take your time! i still love the work you do!
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    You guys are amazing!<3
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    Providing links to previous versions of minecraft is against the TOS.
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    Bought MineCraft today just because I love the Bukkit Plugins I've seen on Youtube etc.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Nice post. :)
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    Bukkit Team Power !!!
    I'm already excited by this new update... finally spawn from last bed slept... Bye bye /sethome :D
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    Thanks EVIL!

    I will be showing my users this post.
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    Thank you bukkit team!

    your work IS appreciated and a great big HELLO from klondikecraft ! I look forward to letting my players connect with 1.4 thanks again <3 ,
    ... and someone should prod sk89q with the motivation stick or msg him, his plugs are a HUGE part of bukkit and alot of servers wont update without his work , someone wake him up D:
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    I Have one small idea!
    Bukkit Server checking for a new version and if found the update. Asks if you want the new bukkit version and you must write Y for Yes and N for No.It says "New Bukkit version is available! You you want to download it?". .If you write "Y" bukkit has downloading the new version of bukkit and if is downloaded that says "Please Restart The Bukkit to work" (The new version will save on the bukkit folder). If Press "N" Bukkit run with that version where is installed normaly.

    Later i find command to check updates. /checkupdate (works only at the server)
    And need to do again that where i write!
    If that not found a new bukkit update bukkit says "Not found a update!"
    Do you like that idea?
    Sorry for bad English!
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    umm but theres no not now option when it comes to updating so facepalm.
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    I wonder how long i am going to be sitting here waiting for the bukkit servers to be updated I WANT PET WOLVES!!!
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    I Find and one idea for bukkit update idea!
    There you find a program where can update the bukkit!
    If it found update it says "New version on bukkit! Do you want download it?" And shows 2 buttons "Yes" and "No" on the window
    If you press "Yes" start downloading the new bukkit on the same folder And "No" that window will close
    If not found update it says "No new version on bukkit!" And there has show 2 buttons "OK" "Re-download"
    If press "Re-download" the bukkit will Re-Download!

    PS. There has got in the "Check Again" on the program!
    Sorry for bad English!

    When released new version of bukkit for Minecraft 1.4 the plugins will work? :S

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    When its out.
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