Offline/Online Passworded Server Mix [Nevermind I Coded It]

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    Hey, Requesting this once again because this does more than allow Online/Offline Mix Servers. I'll go over the first thing. Minecraft has a Server Login Website, that Minecraft Uses to Authenticate Accounts.

    Rather than asking someone recode the entire Bukkit/Minecraft_Server.jar file to allow a Mix of Non-Premium and Premium Users, I've discovered a way to make it a Plugin.

    What is a Online/Offline Server?
    This is a Server that keeps Premium Users Authenticated, Making them Log into, Protecting them with something more secure than xAuth, Their actual Minecraft Account!

    Now, isn't that is in Vanilla Servers? Well, Yes, but I didn't explain the Offline part.

    Let's say you wanted a Server, and allow a Sibling, or a relative, to log in with a Cracked Client, while not allowing anyone to log into your account or someone elses with a Cracked Client. This Plugin allows you to whitelist certain usernames to be Cracked or not authenticated by
    Basically, Anyone on the Whitelist is allowed in without a Premium Minecraft account, and can log in with a cracked client. And the Whitelist is a List of Users for Users you will allow to have Cracked Clients, and Non-Premium Accounts.

    Joe is on the Plugin Whitelist
    Joe is not Premium
    Joe is still allowed in.
    Bob is not on the Plugin Whitelist
    Bob is not Premium
    Bob is not allowed in.
    Jesse is not on the Plugin Whitelist.
    Jesse is Premium.
    Jesse is allowed in.
    Honeydew is on the Plugin Whitelist.
    Honeydew is not Premium.
    Honeydew is allowed in.
    Basically, Anyone on the Whitelist is allowed in without a Premium Minecraft account, and can log in with a cracked client. But anyone off the Whitelist has to be a Premium Account.
    Alright. Now we have that covered.
    People not on Whitelist = Must be Premium
    People on the Whitelist = Can be Cracked

    Now, I've figured out how to do this. I can't code the plugin though because I only know C# (Really Good at it), Some Batch and Shell Scripting, and Some HTML.
    Here is what needs to be done.

    The Plugin needs two Configurations. One is a Whitelist for the Users you will allow to be cracked, and another to configure the Login for Premium Users to log in.

    The plugin will kick all non-premium users off the server, if they aren't on the cracked whitelist. The Server must be ran in offline mode to do this.

    Server is in Offline Mode, and allows anyone on the Cracked Whitelist to connect. It doesn't even check them on to see if they are premium. It ignores them.

    The people who aren't on the Whitelist will be checked with this URL.
    "" + userName + "&serverId=" + ServerID
    The userName is the username of the person who logins. the ServerID is set in the Config. So, in the config if a person set the ServerID to 34941, they would have to log into the server with one of the following tools (The ServerID can also act like a Password for the Server, Using Letters and Numbers it can create a Passworded Server :D)

    Windows: I coded both of these in C#. One is a Command Line, and the other is a GUI.
    The Command Line is interactive so if you don't want to use "ServerID Login.exe username password serverID" just open it and it'll ask you in the application. The GUI is self explanatory.
    GUI: Login GUI.exe
    Command Line: Login.exe

    This is coded in SH, I changed it from someone else's code.

    Here is what must be done "./ username password serverID"

    And that is it.

    So Basically, They use the clients to login to a official Minecraft Server ID (Which the Plugin will check, by the URL) and if it say "YES" the person will be allowed in. If it says "NO" it will kick the person.

    In C#, to check the URL, we use something like

    WebClient client = new WebClient();
    client.DownloadString("" + userName + "&serverId=" + ServerID);
    Java surely has something similar, And this will get the YES or NO response.

    Basically; If you didn't understand; There is a Cracked Whitelist. The Server is Ran in Offline. Anyone on the Cracked Whitelist is allowed in and not Kicked on Connection, even if the Account is Cracked. Premium Users off the Cracked Whitelist use my Tool. They log into a Server ID, Plugin Checks a URL. The URL says YES or NO. If it says YES, they are Premium, and the Server won't kick that user on connection.

    This can be used for Video Making; Siblings playing on the Server. And Etc.

    Here is a Cruddy Version of the Plugin. It'll work for what I needed. I'll improve it for the use of others later on.
    To use: In the Config you can set ServerID and the Names. Separate names with a Comma, no Space.
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    Atomic Fusion

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    Thank you for linking me to that. I've never seen that before.

    Anyway, I'm going to code one myself now. I've figured out how to code plugins. And I have it working now.

    Ah, Nevermind. I coded it myself. :| I'll improve it and eventually release it, but a pre-release is available on my post.

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    so i downloaded your plugin and it works if i set the username in the config for cracked user but i have a Premium account and it won't let me join :(
    it says : "Login using download here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted ow url>
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    Ah, You need to download one of the clients to log you in with your Minecraft Account. I need to recode this to work on the Mac, because at the moment it only works on Windows (The Plugin.)

    I'm also coding a Java Client. Of Course, Being so Used to Visual Studio, it is going to be hard.
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    I am on Windows and when i go to that link it redirects me to a Facebook page that i can't see...
    and why do i need a special client why can't i use the normal one?that needs to be the point of all of this

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