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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by zombierevolver, Jun 22, 2016.

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    how can i usee bungeecord if my server is not offline mode? who invented this stupid and backward thinking rule anyway?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    @zombierevolver @timtower, we've enforced online mode only support for a long time. Bungeecord was created long after this rule was put in place.

    Offline mode allows a user to spoof who they are. It makes it possible to play MC without paying for it, which is why we do not support it here. Bungeecord DOES have the ability to authenticate users, but it is too complicated to prove in forum setting that is what you are doing. Therefore, it's outright banned.
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  4. @Tecno_Wizard Also the authentication came a long time after Bungeecord (IIRC)
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    Wow , so now Bukkit Staff are censoring messages?
    What does " it is not" even mean?


    How can you spoof who you are if bungee is authenticating them?
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    @Blkscorpion2 I believe the reasoning was that it is very much a hastle to prove that the network owner has proper security measures in place to offer a premium Minecraft only environment. Another reason may be that since the servers are in offline mode, it's possible for plugins to function incorrectly. (I think?)
  7. @Blkscorpion2 How are staff censoring messages? Offline always has been and always will be unsupported here. Bungeecord forces servers into offline mode, maybe there is a bit of authentication now but not enough in the base to cause support. Offline mode is usually the result of piracy, which is obviously not allowed so why would offline mode be? If and when bungee cord actually adds authentication and doesn't force servers into offline mode which is unlikely due to the way it works then maybe the rule would not apply but I doubt that will ever happen honestly.
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    Your right, maybe censoring was the improper word for that. The point i was making is if i run my Bungeecord Server on online mode it authenticates the Minecraft account to verify it is a valid account with Mojang, so anyone connecting to the Bungeecord Server and servers within must be valid. Just because servers within are in off mode, does it matter since it's being authenticated by the Bungee server?
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