Official "I need a name for my plugin!" thread!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Delocaz, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Well, title says it all!


    What does it do?:
    Expected release date:
    Describe it in 10 or less words:


    What does it do?: Regular whitelist plugin, but it downloads a whitelist file from the internet. Also comes with a PHP script to "register" for whitelist.
    Expected release date: Dec. 27, 2011
    Describe it in 10 or less words: Download whitelist from the internet, comes with register PHP script.

    (I actually need a name for that plugin in the example)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Official? Who endorsed it?
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    What exactly makes this "official" ?
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    Well, i just declared it as official :D I can remove the tag if you want me to (or a mod can do it).
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    Relax, @mbaxter and @ItsHarry.

    InternetWhitelist perhaps?
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    Nah, i like it short.
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    Nope, doesn't describe the plugin well enough. OnlineList sounds like a /who or /list plugin and Whiteline sounds like... well, dunno...
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    I was relaxed, just asking :D
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    You could go and use one of the many 'ow why not' names :)
    - KickEmOut
    - OListing
    - LogMeIn
    - ExRegister
    - WhiteSpace
    - I dunno? basic rule is: take any given name and add MC in front of it, it's how people seem to come up with plugin names these days. I just take two words and combine 'em :)
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    I like the simplicity of "Onelist".
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    I don't know how to solve your little debacle, but here are some golden rules for name choosing:

    1) Make sure it doesn't relate to anything else with the name you give it (For example, not checking that there is already a ZombieCraft MC Mod, and then having to rename your plugin to DeadMines...which, by the way, MC MOD)

    2) Did I mention make sure it hasn't already been taken?!!!
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  14. "Citizenship - Only registered players may join"
    "Passport - Internet whitelist, register yourself to play"
    "PrivateParty - Web whitelist with registration"
    Or some other names that specify a select amount of people may join, I dunno.

    The name doesn't really matter that much, it shouldn't be too short or too long either, it must be easily remembered... but what matters is the quality of what it stands for... there are serval real examples of that, and I'm not talking only about bukkit plugins.

    PS: when will the unofficial thread be launched then ? XD
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    Synclist. :p
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    I don't think anyone would ever pay attention to the name anyways. If I were to be looking for a whitelisting plugin, I wouldn't care if it was named "WhiteList!" or "ListWhite!". :)
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