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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by killerzz1, May 9, 2015.

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    Hello, I am making a plugin that has stats involved in it and when i join the server it gives you your stats but if the player has not done one of the stats E.G. Get a kill it will say "kills: null" how do i change it from a null value to 0?

    If you need to see the code just ask thanks :D
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    @killerzz1 An 'int' is 0 by default and primitives cannot be null. Are you using a wrapper class?
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    I don't know if I am or not
    public class deaths {
        public static void setTimesdied(Player p){
            int deaths = Main.getInstance().settingsp.getplayer().getInt(p.getName()+".deaths");
            deaths =  deaths+1;
            Main.getInstance().settingsp.getplayer().set(p.getName()+".deaths", deaths);
    Here is my method for adding the deaths to a config.yml
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    @killerzz1 Show the code where you send the player the "kills: #" info.
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    @killerzz1 When a player join for the first time, save in the config his kill as 0,
    or just check in your method if the player has killed or no.
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