NSP - NoSpawnCamping - MCPVP style

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  1. Plugin category: Anti - Griefing / Fun / General

    Suggested name: NPS McPVP style

    What I want: I need a plugin like MCPVP, What i need is a plugin that allows play to not baby out of battle, So theres Player 1 and Player 2, right? Player 1 starts fighting Player 2, Player 1 is low and has no Health he runs in to spawn then Player 3 kills him in spawn then Player 2 kills Player 3

    Ideas for commands: Nope

    Ideas for permissions: NOPE.

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday.

    Must be compatible to: WorldGuard.

    me need sleep time.

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    so you mean if a player is in combat, if they try to run back to spawn to be safe, it wont work for them and pvp will be enabled for that player even in a WG region?
  3. Yea.
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    Peter Bui

    Didn't you already post a thread for this?
  5. Nope, that was for the Soup plugin.
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    I swear someone requested this exact thing like 2 days ago 0.0
  7. Do you mean kJustGo? Because that plugin is apart of MCPVP
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    Here you go.

    It's still in beta, but it's:
    • compatible with WorldGuard and GriefPrevention safezones
    • prevents people from being protected by safezones within a configurable amount of time after entering PVP with another player
    • keeps people protected for a short amount of time after they leave a safezone, to make it harder on people who lurk just outside the safezone and try to kill people coming out
    • disables teleportation during PVP
    • is fully configurable, so each and every one of the above features can be enabled or disabled at will

    Someone did.
  9. Can you add a feature, where if you coward out (go back to spawn) and your in combat can you make it so that player that has pvp enable, so everyone can touch him or kill him?
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    ... Wasn't that exactly what he did? :confused:
  11. He made a good CombatLogging Plugin.
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    This is already included: if you're in combat and retreat to a safe zone, you won't be protected from PVP until you avoid being damaged for a certain amount of time.
  13. But how do i setup my region?
    What do i flags?
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    You shouldn't have to do any additional WorldGuard region setup. WorldGuard regions flagged as "pvp deny" will be treated as safezones by my plugin, and behave as I've described above with regards to PVP.
  15. K let me test this

    Nope didn't work for me

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    You're right - quick testing indicates that more recent versions of WorldGuard listen for EntityDamageByEntity events at a different level, so my plugin wasn't able to force the damage to go through. I've fixed the issue and uploaded the new file but it could take a while to be approved on BukkitDev.
  17. Can i have a sneek peak, so can you post a link here?
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    Here's a Dropbox download of the update.
  19. Works perfectly!
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