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    I've decided to not bother continuing with this mod, due to a combination of mcMMO doing most of the stuff I want, lack of interest, and lack of time. If anyone wants the source just send me a message and I'll hand it over.

    NRPG. What it will do (current progress at bottom of post).

    Basic RPG mod adding Skills + Attributes + Classes.
    Skills + Attributes + Classes are all stand-alone, yet also work together if enabled. This is done by having an on/off property for each feature in a server config file.
    Players can also disable/enable each feature themselves (if enabled in the server), however there will be a penalty to avoid abuse. (E.g, disable stats, cast spell, enable stats (to retain mana)).

    Things you gain exp for: walking (almost done), mining(done), killing, trading, farming, building(done), using skills(partially done), other stuff I've not thought of.
    Currently 50 Levels (done). At level 50 have option for Reset+(not done yet), gain base stats + .. stuff?
    Strength // Maybe separate into Attack + Defence and remove Dexterity, dunno.

    Gain attrib points upon levelup
    Most things should use luck in some way.

    Use mana (which is regained by doing things, rate depends on Magic attribute if Stats enabled.)
    Use adrenaline (which is regained by doing things depending on Strength. Not sure if I'm gonna leave this in, as I can't actually think of any skills for it).

    Mana skills: Mana regrows over time, limiting these skills to make them not-overpowered. Will be able to turn skills on and off individually in a server file, in case you don't want some on.

    Fly (Jetpack style! Limited time) //Having doubts about this after unsuccessfully trying to modify the walking speed. Not tried yet though.
    Detect nearby ore? // Got this working. It's rather handy.
    Explosion? (Like tnt/creeper explosion)
    Transmute blocks //done
    Repair // done

    Adrenaline skills:
    Superpunch! Instantly destroy a brick. Rarr. Kapow.

    Mercenary -> Bonuses for everything, but not as high as other classes specialities.
    Slayer -> Bonuses for killing monsters
    Thinking of having boosts gained on killing them. Chance of free food or a weapon or something. Boosts to damage done/taken?
    Miner -> Bonuses for mining
    Chance of unexpected ore drops. Faster block destruction.
    Builder -> Bonuses for building
    Can't really have faster block placement. Hmm. Will have to think about this one.
    -->Different base stats for each class if stats enabled

    Ability to switch class will make you lose the last level you gained.

    Things I'm not sure I can change:
    Attack speed. // Not tried yet, but I have my doubts.
    Movement speed. // After messing around with this for half an hour or so, I can't work out a good way to do it, it appears to be mostly client side. Possibly switch to some sort of teleport.

    Mod integration:
    Will hopefully allow these to work:
    -> Permissions. (Not looked at how to do it yet.
    -> IConomy. (Looked at implementation, seems easy enough.)

    -Common To All
    - Disabling of features done.
    - Plugin loads and works correctly.
    - Stat points working correctly, but only luck affects gameplay atm.
    - Luck implementation when placing blocks. Oh yeah.
    - Levels sorted. Can set custom level exp req in an outside file. Level up event happens correctly.
    - Exp gain correct on some things (mining, building, walking(partially)).
    - Repair created - works fine. No integration with mana yet.
    - Transmute created - works fine. No integration with mana yet.
    - Locating Ore - works fine, No integration with mana yet.
    - Can change and set classes.
    - Classes are now server-defined (set in a config file).

    I have a working build if anyone particular wants it, although there's not a whole lot of point to it yet.
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