Solved NPE when I'm checking for null?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by johnny_boy, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Here is the code, also tried replacing i with 1 but still same error. No clue why.

    2. @EventHandler
    3. public void onBottleDrink(PlayerItemConsumeEvent e) {
    4. if (e.getItem().getType() == Material.POTION) {
    5. for (int i = 1; i < e.getPlayer().getInventory().getSize(); i++) {
    6. if (e.getPlayer().getInventory().getItem(i).getType() != null) { // THIS LINE. NO IDEA WHY.
    7. if (e.getPlayer().getInventory().getItem(i).getType() == Material.GLASS_BOTTLE) {
    8. e.getPlayer().getInventory().setItem(i, new ItemStack(Material.AIR));
    9. break;
    10. }
    11. }
    12. }
    13. }
    14. }

    thanks in advance.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    mhm, legit just realised that, thank you.

    EDIT: Last thing, I'm sure this should work:

    2. if (e.getPlayer().getInventory().getItem(i) == new ItemStack(Material.GLASS_BOTTLE))

    this is never true (I'm making a plugin that removes glass bottles when you drink them, is it because it's too fast?
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    was also thinking, just didn't do it >.<
    thanks again;

    EDIT: found out it's too fast, used a bukkitrunnable to fix, but just as a note for anybody here ;P
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    @MemeplexOwner if you think about it it's kinda logic. If an event should be cancellable in any way the plugin should be notified about it before it really happens. Only that way it can be stopped before happening.
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