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    I need a plugin so there is a villager or a mob standing in spawn or somewhere (depends where I want it) and when I right click on it it will say a message to the player. The message will be the update

    Commands: /npcupdates createmob <mob> - creates a npc with the mobtype
    /npcupdates select - selects the npc looking at to enter updates
    /npcupdates message <message> - to set a message when a player clicks on this npc, when this command is typed again it will override the other one, so if you do /npcupdates message &7Added Essentials! Then /npcupdates message &7Added WorldGuard! it will only say &7Added WorldGuard! when anyone clicks it
    /npcupdates reload - reloads plugin
    /npcupdates setname <name> - Set the name of the npc above it's head
    /npcupdates deselect - deselects npc looking at to enter updates
    /npcupdates remove - removes the selected npc and everything that was assigned to it
    /npcupdates look - makes the npc look at you when you're within 3 blocks to the npc (or close)

    Perms: npcupdates.admin - all perms above

    NoUpdates: '&7Sorry but there are no current updates!'
    ReloadComplete: '&aConfig reloaded'
    ReloadFail: '&cConfig failed to reload!'
    MessageSet: '&7Message set to: %message%'
    MessageOverride: '&7Message overrided to: %new_message%'
    SelectMsg: '&7You selected the NPC you're looking at!'
    RemoveMsg: '&7You have removed that NPC you're looking at!'
    DeselectMsg: '&7You have deselected the NPC you're looking at!'
    MobCreate: '&7You have created an NPC that is a %mob%!'
    SetName: '&7You have set your %mob% NPC with the name of %name%!'

    If you need anything or have any questions please reply and tag me!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Chromify And where do those NPC's come from?
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    I think he's implying that the plugin is meant to do that
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    In that case:
    @Chromify Anything wrong with Citizens?
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    Use citizens and my command and command npc and send them a message?
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