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    So I need a plugin that will stop an NPC from passing a certain point.

    Why do I need this? Well I have a "Loot Guard" NPC that runs back and forth protecting a chest of loot. If he catches a player near his loot, he will hit them (which then teleports the player to a jail cell).

    Here's my issue.. Players have been luring the guard out of his home, while everybody else rushes in and steals the loot.

    The red path shows the Guard's correct path, which is in the house, passes by the stairs, then back out the door. And the blue shows how people lure him away..

    Down the stairs...

    Across the bottom floor...

    Out the door of the house...

    And all around the town....

    So I was thinking the plugin could have a command like
    /npcbarrier create npc
    /npcbarrier create pig
    which could stop the npc or mob type listed to not be able to pass. And after typing the command, it affects the block you're standing on. In this case I would put the barrier at the top of the staircase to keep him from getting lured down and around the town.

    Also, this means I would need to have multiple barriers.

    Or perhaps some other method? If you can think of something I am open to suggestions.

    Thanks in advance guys! :D
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    if you place a block down then put carpet down you can WorldEdit the block under the carpet to 34 (The piston head block) the villager wont see it as a real block and wont try to walk on it. (This is just a suggestion.) Hope This Helped!
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    Why don't you request it as a feature from whatever npc plugin you're using?

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