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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Unboxermail, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. It has come to my attention that on it says under "
    Organization Members" zerg960. This man is known for being completly insane. As you can see on the picture he has a Server. is it's name


    Now my Question is. Bukkit, are you insane? To clarify myself, this man has attacked as of this date 3 Minecraft Servers, and you're letting him Develop Bukkit. Why? Maybe these images will make you realize what you've done.

    Here we are on his Server, Feel free to check for yourself.

    Firstly this. Old player of messaging me on our server.

    And funny enough, the server was Duncsweb, where multiple of's previous Staff went was under attack. Very Funny.
    And this is the current state of their Minecraft Server.
    They still haven't recovered.

    And look at this. Screenshotted from the forums Chatbot. Can still be found in the Archives of it. Zerg960, Developer for Bukkit attacking my server?
    And this is one of my favourite pictures. Where he explains how he attacks.

    "I've implemented a way to bypass their anti-hack system, and mask the IP of the connecting user"

    Very Interesting isn't it Bukkit.
    And as a fun little side note. Look at Zerg960's chat messages here.



    We have more proof in terms of Players Statements. Look at this real Quick.

    He says that because somebody previous logged onto our server with his account.


    That can easily be faked, but I insure you it's not.

    So my Question still stands.

    Bukkit, Are you Insane?
    Please spread this around to the people managing who's working on it and who's not. I am not updating Bukkit with this mad man working on it.
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    Let's see. We have a member with 7 posts, who is claiming that a member of the Bukkit team is a hacker (not that I care anyways).



    Dummy command.

    Bukkit is (was?) open source. Anyone can see it. Those commands are most likely dummy commands.


    You have no proof. Also, THEIR server was HACKED, NOT attacked.

    How is this supposed to be important? Oh no, he's using a SOCKS proxy and a grief client?


    I never knew that a project can be insane. I guess I learn something new every day!
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    Other than the Twitter posts, I see nothing wrong with this guy. (The twitter thing is kinda weird.)
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  4. battlekid It seems as you think it's ok what this guy (zerg960) is saying - even if he isn't actually doing what he is saying (what I don't believe) he seriously is a bukkit developer. Proof? There:
    I'm shocked.
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    I'd like to see some solid proof before we flay him.
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    I agree the lead team members need to look into this but if his CB related skills are used properly... I dont see relevance.


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    I wonder if Unboxermail is scouring Google right now, looking for more trash to dig up on me.

    At any rate, I've contributed plenty to this community, I don't mind if he wants to dig shit up. I'm by no means a stellar example of how to play the game.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    No more ad hominem, thank you.
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    But, that is called Bukkit community members responding to your statements. Your "evidence" isn't really much to go on.

    Well, let's put the facts out there. A member with seven posts comes on, and makes a big post claiming that a Bukkit team member is a griefer/hacker/whatever, and used horrible english in the process, with flimsy and unclear proof. Do you understand why we might be skeptical?

    And yes, we are calling you a troll. You escalated this to ridiculous heights within a short period of time. Personal attacks of this scale aren't needed. I'm sorry if I offended you by calling you an idiot, but I'm not quite sure what else I should label someone as who thinks that those commands actually work and makes such a ridiculous topic.
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    I can't really understand what you're saying so I'll make my "final reply" (hopefully) to what your OP says:

    Whatever this guy did, whoever this guy is (or who you claim he is) is irrelevant, if he is supplying useful input and knowledge to the bukkit project. I totally agree that he should be investigated, as I said before those tweets are sort of worrying. But from looking into his Github commits, he seems like a decent programmer, just like the rest of the team.
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    Well according to his posts it actually does seem that he definetely knows how to initiate a DDOS attack on a server and he definetely has the resources to do so... look at his server stats. Also I might say that the server that was attacked still dosen't know who it is BUT they know it was a DDOS attack and alot of the usernames that were attacking were players of Therefore:

    DO NOT GO ON THAT SERVER. He is probably stealing your login credentials and using them, no proof apart from the above stated...

    Oh and to the point of Bukkit being open source... Java is decompilable so anyone could look at the source (How Minecraft got modded in the first place.)

    Oh and those commands he has on his server definetely can't work... Server clusters to DDOS another server require more than a bukkit server could pull up. Can't be automated.
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    All valid points. Its not like you "just showed up to troll". Your a forum lurker...there's lots of 'em. Doesn't make them lesser members.

    There is certainly enough there to make anyone wonder about a fellow like this being "part of the team". So, with that in mind, I think Unboxermail is totally valid to have brought up the issue, regardless of the format he chose. battlekid good thing your not trolling something that is certainly valid enough to raise concern. Instead you just run on a cussing smear campaign about stupid the OP is. Surprise surprise...

    There needs investigation, not 'flay him alive, etc'.
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    It wasn't a inbound DDoS attack on duncs, it was OUTBOUND. Did you read the post? Or are you referring to something else? If so, then he most likely used something like PWN4G3, and since there's no pictures/proof of it, I doubt he did so.

    You can't steal login creds from a player like that, but you *can* crack accounts.


    Theoretically speaking, he could set it up to connect to a botnet controller, but there's no reason to have said command listed in the public help menu.

    Well, unlike you, I enjoy contributing to the communities I am a member of. If there's not a lot to go on, than why should we assume the worst?
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    Hello, I agree fully to what Unboxermail posted above! All of this is truth. Thank you :D
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    And you just joined to say this?

    Once again, my points still stand... Provide me with some actual evidence please, otherwise all I'm seeing is a flimsy accusation.
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    I played on both the attacked and the attacker server and I have to say that I completely agree with what Unboxermail said. Its the complete truth and thats why I stopped playing on
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    Would you be willing to give me some actual proof? Like screenshots, etc that show something more than vague accusations of hacking, a command in a help menu, and a hacked server?
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    I'm one of few who made accounts just to reply here. As the others I must say that I agree with everything mentioned in the first topic.
    People want the truth. Hm, the only truth I can offer besides Unboxermails post is my voice and the voice of our community. I know Zerg960 from the time he played at, some months after leaving it he sent an entire grief team onto the server (Aus team), the vanillacraft server can confirm that. They hate him as much as we do.
    Not too long ago he has been attacking us personaly, without the help of anyone. Well concious help anyway. He used the authentication info players sent his server when logging in for his own purposes. He logged in with those and spammed our server in these manners:
    Plenty of ingame movements + spamming the /bp command (Block protection plugin)
    Firstly we banned his IP after which he used a proxy, then we just changed the BP plugin and upgraded anti hack so thats thankfully over with.
    Now he's spamming other servers and joining the Bukkit team... As you can probably guess we're not okay with that. It just isn't right for someone this childish and abusive to be a part of a project that is so important for minecraft communities.

    PS: Logs of players who spammed our server <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Thank you for reading,

    (Oh and sorry if my English isn't so great. Its my 2nd language...)
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    There is lots of circumstantial evidence in this thread - and I do find it hilarious when people sign up just to jump on the bandwagon. alexminer98 aldin_cancar

    Basically, we need more, independently verifiable proof.

    I'd also like to point out I know how to perform DDOS attacks. Please point out how this makes me a bad person.
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    Nathan C

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  21. Proof? I cannot give you more proof in terms of Pictures, but statements from previous mods of his server I can. And the owner of a Server that he attacked.
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  23. I know more than you, and you seem too
    Firstly. is a fake one. Want the whole story? Here.
    Pick the link you want.

    And this!

    You seem to want to make me the bad guy here. Why?

    About the "Demoted", I asked to get demoted there, as the server split.
    I can get bondsmatthew's opinion here aswell. Mm? This was very long time ago.
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    Some of you people are such drama queens... no-one wants to hear all the squabbles from some random server on here. If the guy has knowledge to further the Bukkit project then all power to him.
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    I play'ed on kreatious when there was 2 admins, Krisst, and zerg960 as the coder, Krisst suggested using a mod called "Towny" and zerg960 disliked it, so he decided one day to make a creative server linked to the main server (survival) advertising the creative server, with no permission from the server owner "Krisst", Than Krisst was mad for what zerg960 did and he told zerg960 he dos not want his plugins and he will use different plugins, so zerg960 removed all his plugins and the server was a wreck, than Krisst begged him to put it back, Than a few days later, Krisst shut down the server Kreatious permanently! and Zerg960 decided to reopen it without any permission with using the name kreatious, which by the way was created by Krisst! Proof just look at Kreatious the "K" is for Krisst and thats why the server was named Kreatious, Than zerg960 steals the name and server IP just changing it to ".net" and making a website, and he even made the old server IP "" forward to his server IP "" for about the first week of opening his server, and made people think that its the old server, when really it was a fake and half the people didn't even know, and he also stoled the spawn design for his server from gogyst which made a new server with unboxermail called Arcation, Now you tell me! Such a person should be a "Bukkit Team Member"?! Stealing a server and the name, and fooling people to think its the old server! as if it was just down for a few days and now its back! such a person should not be a Staff member in coding plugins when he can just hack other server! and attack them which he did already plenty of times!
  26. So Acording to you. You would also just give a Member in let's say, AVO full power over Craftbukkit, because he is a good coder? That is basicly what you're saying here. Both that member in the Griefing Team would find and abuse any Exploit he may find, and so will Zerg960. This guy attacks other servers, just like a Grief Team Would. I guess I wont update my Bukkit Version now :/​
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    You're making this way more dramatic than it needs to be.
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    THAT is bukkit! The entire bukkit, all the source code, EVERYTHING! So, how exactly does having him inside the dev team change anything?
    If he's in the bukkit team, he can help with new features, and trust me, he won't be able to sneak any code into the project, hundreds of people are watching every commit!

    So, maybe the guy is a douchebag and ruins servers, but he isn't going to hurt the bukkit project, you should fix your own problems (private plugins to stop hacking, perhaps a registration system, etc. etc.)
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    As best as I can tell, we have a situation where two servers (and their staff) dislike each other, and feel it should be brought up with the Bukkit community.

    The ONLY matter we are concerned about is whether the program actually exists, what it REALLY does, and who wrote it. None of those questions have been answered.

    However, we are pretty clear on the matter of your two server communities not liking each other (although none of it matters).
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    DDOS is a breach of law and having an offender on the Bukkit Staff team would tarnish its reputation, even more so now that Bukkit has been absorbed into Mojang.
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