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What effect will notches NPC's have on bukkit

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  1. So,
    Notch said from his blog
    To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages.
    Which i assume means NPC's will be added to the game. So what do you think that means for bukkit NPC's plugins? They work better? Worse? Just curious what you all think this means for bukkit.
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    From the context, seems to be seeded neutral npc villages, not really ones for you to start an civ with. In which case would probably have little to no effect.
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    To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages.

    Yes, NPCs are coming.
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    im guessing it will be a rip off of the millionaire mod
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    In an interview he'd said he had never heard of "Such a mod..."
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    I have it on good faith that he is outsourcing the NPC coding to another developer. It's been in the works for months already actually, and knowing the amazing work this person does you can expect this feature to be awesomely creative and robust. Unfortunately I do not know any nitty gritty details yet
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    but i think the NPC villages are only for ADVENTURE MODE... i think.
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    LOL. I highly doubt he has not heard of a mod as popular as that.
  9. I think it will have a good effect for the bukkit NPC's.
    Maybe easier, to add them, easier for the movement, and other cool stuff mojang can add like animation, and so on :D
  10. Exactly what i was thinking. This could bring herobrine to a whole new level :D
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    agreed, the npc plugins can sell and buy stuff. big difference.
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    I'm guessing servers will have to enhance their hardware for this..
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    this would make a server that has a cap of 100 no lag to 90 no lag, npc's are a big lag. the mod was laggying me i have 3gigs of ram with all my un needed stuff shutdown. lagged so much
  14. I hope you can disable this. It would annoy in Bukkit after a time.
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    Thank Notch!!!!!!!!!!!
    That way we will be able to customize the NPC's for Singleplayer and/or
    make NPC plugins easier (what I want to do).
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    Better have some sort of option.

    I don't want NPCs.
    I like real people, thx.

    For single player? Sure
    For multiplayer? lol nty
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    There will not be any adventure mode.
    1.8 is the 'adventure update', the adventure stuff will be part of Survival.
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    o rly? urgh well i reckon its gonna be bad then if it works for online as well...

    thats exacly what i think xD

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