Notch talking with modders!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by saiek, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I just finished reading Notch's tumblr.

    "We’ve got a meeting planned for tomorrow with some community members to discuss how to best implement the modding."

    Epic win!
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    Tumblr ^_^
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    Notch, like most programmers, can be reasonable. All the haters can SUCK IT.
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    Doesn't really guarantee anything yet, though.
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    I think maybe the reasonable thing to do would be to for him to debug his releases prior to release getting a bit sick of every time he does anything he breaks 10 other things, and don’t feed me the same old ITS BETA hur hur that’s just his excuse for not programming correctly and following a set policy that MUST be abided by to make sure things are done in exactly the same order per release.

    I understand he says he is a busy but he sleeps a lot eh, also I dunno what possed him to call that rented room an office I have seen his pics and a place like that if in AU have had its wiring newly installed as I can tell by looking at it ths freaking OLD dirty wiring just by its outlets.

    I did not come here to troll per say but that’s is just how it makes me feel when time after time I get nothing but empty promises from a guy I am supposed to be trusting.

    I also did catch his tumblr post seems like more talk and no do to me, sure he has a meeting lined up but it will just turn out like every other meeting they do they talk for awhile and then get distracted and play CIV or watch replays from game matches.

    I mean Notch seems like a nice enough guy and all but he has his company in a mess of broken rules and no game plan. Honestly I’m just sad really really sad that I know if we had a more committed dev MC would be a whole let better supported and fixed a lot better then it currently is.

    So far I have seen that the only reason MC took off so well in the first place was from modders making server wrappers like mcadmin Hmod ect. Notch sure makes no effort to fix things we still have bugs dating back pre boo that he says would have been fixed by beta, I don’t see any fixes.

    This update again broke more than it fixed with chunk missing client side errors & chunks,Dis colored leaves, ect

    Anyway I really do hope that THIS time he does come true faithfully in this meeting to finally get this API on the way so we can stop relying on him to fix everything.

    Mac version is a lot worse off than Us window users so my heart goes to them for putting up with this as well.

    I kept it kind of on topic let’s just hope he does do as he says this time.
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