[Not Solved!] Gui Null Error

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by PotatoLol12321, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Shmobi I just moved all the Plugin-Constructor to the MenuInv-Constructor, but it's still throwing the same error. :/
  2. PotatoLol12321 sorry, i havent been online for a while, i was busy... i don't think you did it right, because else it would work. could you show me the newest code pls?
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    Juancomaster1998 It's counter productive and also not related to the problem.
  5. Rocoty Well, he`s trying to make an kit plugin, and there`s the example of a kit plugin...
    Anyways if u want me to delete it I`ll delete it
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    Juancomaster1998 If you'd read the previous posts you should have come to the conclusion that the problem is in fact about dependency injection
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    you have 2 constucter methods, if you remove

    1. public Menu(MenuInv instance) {
    2. plugin = instance;
    3. }
    and put the plugin = instance thingy in the other constuctor class you should be OK. But your code is a little messy it would be smarter to clean it up first


    oh nvm I didnt saw there were 3 pages in this thread, i only saw one but do what Rocoty told you he's right, IDK why you have 2 consturctors
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