not living entity invisible | living entity not dismount on water

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by atesin, Jul 10, 2017.

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    SOLVED: you can see the finished plugin >here<

    hi everybody ... first of all forgive my bad english, is not my native language, i am chilean

    as maybe someone read here, i am trying to write a lightweight bubbles chat plugin ... i had made some progress, i could make plugin work fine with a combination of techniques ...

    i use addPassenger() method to fix name plates (armorstands) on player (PlayerMoveEvent + teleportTo() sucks) ... armorstands are the only "living entity" that supports invisibility method by default in bukkit api ... also can be achieved in other "living" entities through potion effects

    the problem is when i enter water the chat bubble "dismounts" from player ... i read living entities dismounts from vehicles on water, but sadly VehicleExitEvent is only called when vehicle implements Vehicle interface, but players don't

    other solution could be use non living entities as arrows so it don't call the dismount event ... but i didn't find ANY way to make them invisible, what i've tried didn't work (reflection, etc) .... as the plugin should be lightweight i don't want to include external libraries

    please help me with your ideas, thanks

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