[Not Done] Zombie-Escape plugin!

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    Plugin category: Fun, Minigame

    Suggested name: Zombie Escape

    What I want:
    I want a plugin for my zombie escape map. I can make this in vanilla though but it will take forever to make it (even with command blocks).

    Some suggestion (optional)
    1. Different worlds support
    2. Anti-Hacks or cheats.

    1. With some classes that is changeable with the config or can be set-up by using commands
    2. Some supply boxes and powerups.
    3. some points to buy things and powerups from the shop

    Ideas for commands:
    /ze setclass (classname) - use to choose a class
    /ze store - use to buy things
    /ze points - use to see how much points do you get
    /ze vote (mapname) - vote to play a map
    /ze voteskip - to vote skip a map

    Ideas for permissions: I don't get what does permission do actually just make me one :p

    When I'd like it by: up 2 u!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You are not very clear of what you really want. The supply boxes, how do they work? How do they get refilled etc.
    If you wanted it yesterday just say asap, or just remove the entire line. And nobody wants to help you when they see :
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    He copied that from the request-template :p
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    It is an template, you don't need to follow it.
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    I know, but you said people won't want to help him if he has that in his post. He didn't put that there because he meant that, but he forgot to remove it.
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    Sorry for that dude. I didn't see that coming :p

    Anyone? Pleaseee. If anyone can, i would love to give them admin or operator on my server :D

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