Not being able to use TNT and Creeper eggs in Claimed land [Factions]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GalaxyCraft, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Hi Bukkit Community,
    I have recently started up a Minecraft Faction server and i found this serious problem, People cannot use Creeper eggs and TNT in Faction claimed land! This is really bad because Raiding is enabled and we want it to be enabled because that way, It is more fun:)
    However when i and others use creepers and tnt in claimed land, They just disappear with no damage done to the blocks.

    Here are the plugins i have installed:
    • Autobroadcaster
    • AbsoluteWelcome
    • ClearLag
    • ColoredSigns
    • ConsoleName
    • TimTheEnchanter
    • Essentials
    • FloAuction
    • FrameProtect
    • Heads
    • IConomy
    • NoCheatPlus
    • ObsidianDestroyer
    • PermissionsEx
    • ServerMOTDManager
    • SimpleVoteListener
    • Vault
    • Votifier
    • WhatIsIt
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    Here is my Essentials, WorldGuard and Factions Config:
    I am almost certain that i have enabled TNT and Creeper Eggs but if not then please correct me. I have also tried deleting Essentials, WorldGuard and Factions and it still does not work. The Factions Version i am using is
    This really needs to be urgently answered because i am losing players because of it :(
    Thanks in advanced!
    GalaxyCraft Owner

    Bump, Please i really need this question answered because it is urgent for a Faction Server.
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    The essentials config the TNT explodes and Creeper explodes is actually meant to be false because at the top of that page it says to prevent it so set that to false
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    if the faction is offline you more than likely have offline explosions disabled or just explosions in general go to
    factions_uconf@default in mcore and in the instance.json see something like this in there
    "defaultFactionFlags": {
    "PERMANENT": false,
    "PEACEFUL": false,
    "INFPOWER": false,
    "POWERLOSS": true,
    "PVP": true,
    "FRIENDLYFIRE": false,
    "MONSTERS": true,
    "EXPLOSIONS": true,
    "FIRESPREAD": true,
    "ENDERGRIEF": false
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