Not able to log into minecraft server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Colecf, Jan 21, 2011.

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    For some reason this problem just arose. (though I was doing a bunch of build switching at the time)

    I can't seem to log into my minecraft server. It gets past the connecting to server.... part, onto the logging in.... part, but then it just stays there till I time out. I am running craftbukkit build 99 on Mac OS 10.6.6. Sometimes if I cancel and try to log in again multiple times I can get in. Is there a fix for this problem?
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    Wait, I rebooted the server and that fixed it. Any ideas why/tips to keep the problem from coming back?
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    Im having this problem too with a mac. Maybe its a java update
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    The central minecraft authentication servers are down.
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    Check the date of the OP, guys. ;)
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    This problem seems to be hitting all of us server owners and players. We have been looking all day for why we can't log into our server or any other one. Posting a message on the help boards when minecraft servers go down would be so helpful and help us to not waste time looking for problems that are not there with our equipment. I see there are always notices posted as soon as you login to this site so lets try to help the community and post server down and other such messages so we dont go creeper on everyone. Thanks
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    minecraft is down but should be up soon!
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    ik it sucks is down wtf man!? u no wht im sayin? wtf!
  8. right when I was testing my permissions. i added so much stuff without testing now I'm sure im in a world of trouble arggg.
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    Is this just something happening recently? Or what? And Its happening to me and annoying the crap out of me no one in my house can join anyone's server!
  10. having the same problems, good thing i looked on here before i started deleting plugins ! hopefully it will be back up soon !
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    Yes! My server, and every other one is down, even though it says they are up on the server list. It either stays on "logging in" or it gives some really long error report that goes off the screen. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon.
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  12. yeah , I had just installed my teamspeak server and port forwarded so I thought I messed things up, if anyone here is bored and is waiting for the servers to get fixed my teamspeak 3 server is up for anyone who wants to chat!

    teamspeak3 :
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    Ahh didn't see the date. Considering the post was relevant to today's auth server issues.
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    My MC servers work out in my TV room computer but are crazy slow, I can't log in to a Server in this room, And I have A PC! Why is this happening? and don't say Mainstreem thing is down or anything because this has been happening for A YEAR! during 1.4.5! Not 1.5.2, 1.4.5!
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