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    Hey guys,
    this description for the request is going to be really straight forward and short. I know we usually describe what we would like but as said this is a really small plugin at the moment. All we need is a plugin which stops snowballs from doing hit damage, even do it does not do damage the the player. We need it to disable it fully, maybe making the snowball go through the player. Simple because we currently use a Leveling plugin which allows people to level up certain skills, one of them which is defence at the plugin is recognizing the snow ball hit as player hit/damage, meaning the are leveling up.
    We really need this plugin done, and i am sure this is not hard to do at all.

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    BloxCraftServer I think I will be able to pull this off. I will see what I can do.
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    Hey BloxCraftServer can you give this a try? Trying to make a couple of the easier plugins here to get my head around how its done. Second plugin ever made. I tested it on 1.25 rb and it seems to work, but IDK if its going to work with your levelling plugin.

    Hope it works :)

    EDIT: I attached a file to this post. I Can't see it. Not sure if you can.
    EDIT: If it didn't upload, I've just put it on dropbox for you too

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