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    Description: A simple plugin with noot commands that shout things in the chat

    /noot: Types: [Username] yells, "NOOT NOOT!" proudly
    /nooot: Types: [Username] noots with a harsh voice
    /noooot: Types: "NOOT NOOT!" shouts [Username] proudly
    /fnoot: Types: [Username] bursts with anger, shouting "F***ING NOOT NOOT!"

    noot.allnoot: Access to all noots, but not /fnoot
    noot.noot: Access to /noot
    noot.nooot: Access to /nooot
    noot.noooot: Access to /noooot
    noot.fnoot: Access to /fnoot
    noot.*: Access to all noots, including /fnoot

    If you need additional information (which I doubt cause it's so easy) then I will gladly provide it
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

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    Please refrain from using links such as mediafire or Adfly. Link to a project via DBO or dropbox in this section.
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    Pengu pengu xD
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