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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zatley, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Maybe this is a really big noob question.. But I have a bukkit server and I like my plugins..but I want guns too, so I need Spoutcraft..but what is spoutcraft actually? Which possiblities?
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    Guns need mods, which are installed by both server and client, spoutcraft is for new entries, blocks and some editing. It may be possible.
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    You can use the Guns+ server plugin along with SpoutPlugin. Essentially, Spoutcraft and SpoutPlugin together allows for players and server owners to have custom blocks, items, GUI, music, achievement notification boxes, and much more.

    All the player needs to install is Spoutcraft which basically replaces their normal Minecraft, not a pile of mods that have to be kept updated and in sync with what the server admin uses, like you'd have with ModLoader. Spoutcraft also comes with many popular features such as HD textures, HD skins, HD capes, HD fonts, and BetterGrass support integrated, improved chat with command and chat history, an optional Zan's-inspired minimap and overview map built-in, optional performance improvements inspired by OptiFine, and much much more. See this for more info.
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    So If I give my friends the SpoutCraft launcher they can play with same Bukkit Hamachi Server IP? But then with guns mod etc? Is there somewhere a tutorial how to install.. I already have Spout plugin in my server

    I can keep my previous plugins if I make a Spoutcraft server instead a Bukkit Hamachi Server? And a tutorial for the server

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    It's really simple, but all the different names can get confusing, so I put them in steps for you:
    1.) Download spoutplugin.
    2.) Put spoutplugin into your plugins folder.
    2.5) Put Guns+ and other spout-using plugins into your plugins folder.
    3.) Download Spoutcraft.exe
    4.) Install Spoutcraft and run it instead of your Minecraft launcher.
    5.) Profit!

    Spoutplugin is a plugin and is installed like any other plugin. It allows your server to tap into the awesomeness that is spout.
    Spoutcraft is a client and NOT A PLUGIN, and replaces your minecraft launcher. You need to be using Spoutcraft to enjoy the extra features that spoutplugin allows, but you can set it so that the server doesn't require users to use Spoutcraft to log in. Players on regular minecraft clients will typically see flint instead of custom items and custom blocks will be replaced with a regular block that the plugin can specify (usually stone, for custom blocks not obviously based on existing blocks, such as colored wood).
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    Ah thx, I all did this but I did the .jar file.. My friend saw and me too a jukebukkit thing as flint? And Guns+ I couldnt find in the creative thing and creative had much weird stuffs in it :confused: and when I destroyed the flint block my spoutcraft crashed :(

    I used the .exe and I only had a sniper gun...jukebukkit still had flint and creative mode had weird blocks still like bruning furnace and normal one, glowing redstone normal redstone? :eek: :(

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    I always have stupid problems ;(
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    Update to the latest development build of SpoutPlugin and Spoutcraft.
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