Noob question: Should I switch to PEX? (Currently using bPermissions)

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Should I switch to PEX?

  1. No, stay with bPermissions.

  2. Yes, get PEX.

  3. No, get some other permissions plugin! (please post with details)

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    When I inherited this server from the old admin, I continued using his choice of permissions plugin, bPermissions. However, lately I've been told that PermissionsEx is better.

    Is PEX superior enough compared to bPerms that it would be worth the server downtime necessary it would take to switch and learn PEX?

    (Also, I've heard that PEX actually doesn't require you to shut down your server to edit permissions; you can simply edit permissions, and then restart your server. Is this true? With bPerms, if you try to edit the file while the server is running, it will reset itself.)
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    You can just edit your permissions file, save it, and in game use the command /pex reload

    Also, I don't know about PEX vs BPermissions but PEX has modifyworld and other things! PEX is my favorite permissions plugin so far, and the easiest to use (my opinion)

    Concluding, just test both plugins and see which one is better for you :)
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    Well, I already have bPerms, and I don't want to have my players suffer server downtime just so I can try PEX and find out that I don't like it, when I can just find out if I don't like it by means of a poll ;).
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    why do you have to put your server offline to change your permissions plugin?
    configure it and set it all up right then restart the server. that's what.. 3 seconds of downtime?

    and a poll isn't going to determine whether or not you like it. it's going to determine whether or not the voters prefer it.
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    That... didn't occur to me. *facepalm self*

    I was hoping the voters would know more about the subject that I would :/.
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    I use PEX on my server and I've found it to be incredibly easy and quick to use. Also the online tutorials will have you up and running in no time at all.
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    Oh, by the way, I was looking at HeroChat and found something relevant to my decision:

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    Use GroupManager with Essentials, works great for me and it comes with it's own chat formatter, prefixes and suffixes's included.
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    Pex. :)
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    That's not true - if you edit the file while the server is running you need to run /permissions reload to recache it into memory.

    Obviously PEX has more downloads, and has been around longer - but I aim to make bPermissions the best it can be.

    If you'd like something done differently, all you need to do is ask.

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    Doesn't any sort of reload command break the server and cause memory leaks?
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    noobs noobs god.

    the /reload you are thinking of is where you reload your entire server, this messes with a ton of plugins and usually ends with a crash. He was referring to just the reload command pertaining to the permissions plugin. The reload command for PermissionsEX is /pex reload

    If you set up PermissionsEX the None Noob way you will use a MySQL Database instead of a flat file. This way you can just edit the permissions live from the console or in game and there is no plugin reload needed. This way makes life so much easier for entering permissions with out messing with your FTP or flat file crap
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    I strongly prefer editing with FTP. Ingame commands are silly and much harder to use.
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    permissions reload (for bPermissions) simply recaches the file into memory
    bPermissions commands are intuitive, easy, simple, and above all fast. Especially for initial setup.

    Ok so I want to setup an admin group in my world "world" and give them essentials.* bpermissions.admin and wordledit.* as well as an admin prefix.

    /world world
    /group admin
    /group addperm essentials.*
    /group addperm bpermissions.admin
    /group addperm worldedit.*
    /group meta prefix &6[&bADMIN&6]&f
    Now I want to set codename_B to admin

    /user codename_B
    /user setgroup admin
    I don't think it could humanly BE simpler ?
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    Lol oh. Well, hey. If you really wanna' test things out to the full extent you could always create a new server and log on it all alone to see how the plugins work while your other one continues running.
    That's probably what I'd do. Work on a copy of the server and once it's all ready to go I'd replace it with the original in a quick restart. :]

    and I'm sure plenty will know on it and while I'm not saying you have to try to see if you like it, it doesn't hurt to check them both out and see for yourself :D Just look at how they work and whatnot. see the differences.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide any input as I'm returning to Bukkit/ MC after a year long absence, but soon enough I'll need to pick out a permissions plugin as well since the original seems to be long gone.
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    ... I can make new groups ingame? I always thought that /group x would give an error if the group you were trying to look up didn't exist.
    But still, with files, not only is it much simpler, I don't need to memorize commands :p.

    While I'm here, I should probably ask: What does the meta prefix do? I've tried modifying it for various groups, but I can't figure out what the ingame effect is.
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    If you don't already test new mods on a separate server I'd really recommend starting the practice. In my case I have my live server that people play on. I also have a backup of the server that i run on a different system. Any system will do really as it only has to support one player, maybe 2 for testing. This way I can configure mods and test compatibility without taking the live server down. This allows you to take your time and if things go horribly wrong who cares, grab a fresh backup and go back to work. Adding mods like multiverse or changing your perms manager isnt something that goes properly the first time and you'll want a few hours to get it all just right.

    Also sometimes when you feel the need to drop into creative mode and blow something an annoying player has built into tiny bits the backup server is perfect for that without getting player aggro. Its quite cathartic.

    I've used both bPerms and PEX. I've got around 30-40 mods so switching wasn't a quick job.

    bPerms is cake to use, he isn't kidding about it being easy.

    PEX is harder to configure but is more flexible.

    Now I suspect you can still get PEX's flexibility out of bPerms but I suspect it is more trouble in the long run than PEX is but PEX seems overkill for simple setups.

    In my case I've got 5 worlds and a few of them are drasticly different from the others so I needed the flexibility. If you don't need the extra flexibility stay with bPerms and save yourself some trouble.
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    Well, I'm a pretty simple person, I guess by that description, I should stay with bPerms.

    I wish I could set up a test server, but I could never figure out how to set up a server on my computer, and I don't want to buy a second server from Beastnode. :/
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    Well you know the prefix that chat plugins use "meta" is short for meta-data, which is any extra data ontop of you know.. groups and permissions. Prefix, suffix, hell even economy data could go there.

    Also bPermissions has a gui
    It takes a little bit of setting up (and you may need an extra port opened by your host) but it's used even by people who know what they're doing with commands!

    If you want to help me add the flexibility you need, I'm all ears :)

    Running a localhost server is pretty piece-of-cake, all you need is the craftbukkit.jar and an appropriate startup script.
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    PEX. Comes with lightweight Modifyworld and ChatManager bundled, so you don't need any other bloated chat modifying or restriction plugins.
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    To setup a local server just make a copy of all the files on your live server and place it in a folder on the system you normally play from. You probably need to make a .bat file to start it with unless you are on Mac or linux at home but theres plenty of tutorials\examples on how to make em its nearly as easy as copy paste. The server running from your gaming system wont run at all as well with the server running and the client running but for testing its perfect. I prefer to have a full server backup to work with as it is much more obvious when something isn't right. It really helped the day I updated bukkit, forgot to update spout, logged into the test server and all the stone was gone. Meanwhile the live server was just fine.

    Its been many months since I used bPerms. I think I switched around 1.8 beta or so. That GUI just makes it an even nicer piece of cake to config, I didn't even know about that feature. I know the thing that moved me to PEX was the multiworld support seemed to be a bit more fleshed out. I can setup things like "in world 1 you cant create item A, B or C but in world 2 you can". Or "in world 3 you cant place or break blocks except for minecarts and boats. The ease of multiworld stuff and multiple groups looks to be a lot easier now with the GUI.

    Also BTW bSpace is great, I've used it for some time. We've had a few odd events with it like planets missing bits along chunk boundaries but its a little thing. We've also had a few planets gen way past my specified size limits but honestly its more interesting that way with these humongous rogue planets around once in a very rare while. People actually seek them out its funny.
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    I prefer PEX. I like the way the config works better. You can use * :O
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    One thing I wish I could do was have it so that multiple worlds could use the same file. It gets irritating to go through each world file separately, and I can't think of any conceivable situation in which I would want the groups.yml to be different for each world (maybe if I made a survival games world or something)...
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    I would say stay with bPermissions as it is the one you already have, switching between permissions systems can result in user error (ie you) when you are configuring it and could possibly mess up the permissions during the transition
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I do believe there's a main groups file so you don't have to go through multiple worlds.
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    There is, but it only acts as the default for new worlds. Worlds you already have are unaffected.
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    I have another noob question: Is there a way I can give someone perms to put someone in a group, with /user setgroup x, but not in another group, ie, /user setgroup y?
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