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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: NoNodus

    What I want: This isn't necessarily a plugin for me, I thought I'd just suggest this anyway.
    We all know about the hack client Nodus, right? I know there's plenty of plugins to prevent Nodus cheats such as NoCheat+ but the fact that they can still connect with the client worries me.

    A while ago there was an idea on a forum I visit daily about a clever way of banning players using the Nodus client, here it is: Basically when you login using the Nodus client it connects you to their IRC, so essentially you could have a bot idle in the IRC channel and auto ban the names that join the server. It's not 100% bulletproof, but the idea should clean out most of them.

    So player installs Nodus >> Connects to server using NoNodus >> Player connects to IRC automatically >> Bot reads all usernames in the channel >> Picks out the usernames that match the ones on the server >> Bans that player

    Ideas for commands:
    /nonodus reload - Reloads NoNodus.
    /nonodus connect - Connects the bot to the IRC channel.
    /nonodus disconnect - Disconnects the bot from the IRC channel.

    Ideas for permissions:
    nonodus.exempt - Prevents a specific group or player from being detected and banned by NoNodus.
    nonodus.reload - Allows permission to /nonodus reload
    nonodus.connect - Allows permission to /nodus connect
    nonodus.disconnect - Allows permission to /nodus disconnect

    When I'd like it by: No set date.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Terrible idea. Person can join using any of your user's names, get them banned.
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    Good point.. Didn't think about that =\
    How about instead of banning them It just logs the usernames?
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    They removed the IRC from nodus anyway.
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    use NCP :D and your Safe or AntiCheat
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    This was brought up multiple times before. I think Scetch describes it well here
    So, first of all, your server can't get the list of users in that IRC, and even if you could, names can be changed. I suggest that you face the fact that it's impossible to detect Nodus and hope that Minecraft API will change that (although I highly doubt it).
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    If IRC was still up (not sure I don't know anything about Nodus) and you never requested it, and was privately made by a friend or yourself.
    Then it probably would have been a nice idea, not perfect though.

    If they have a forum, maybe scanning the members list?
    But like mbaxter said, after people know this is going on then they will just sign up with any username. :p
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    I think they should just make servers for hackers (well technically cheaters).
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    Ya...that server would last long...
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    You know that you could still make it fun and all. You try make they best place with hacks and like worldedit and all that shit and then people come and destroy it with hacks. And then you gotta get them back. There are still plugins that stop griefing and ddosing. I'm talking about the cooler hacks like xray, nuker, autobuilder. Not the ones that destroy a server like spam and griefing.
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    Doesn't Nodus do something to check if the server is in online-mode or not? Is there any way to read that?
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    Good idea, but it Scetch would never change anything in client-server communication. You can try reading the decompiled code of course, but I'm pretty sure someone already did.
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    Fair enough, thanks all :D
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    use spout... then that way you can force the users into using spoutcraft.
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    It can in fact. griefers/hackers know better than any how to stop griefing/hackin. I run a steady server, entirely staffed by members of my griefing team, all using nodus, which allows many of the "hacks" that clients such as Nodus allows. There are many advantages to custom clients, and the thousands of people who use them for many different reasons shouldn't be villified because they like to play differently.

    We openly accept the fact that such a large percentage of players now are using some sort of modded clients, and fairly securely block the particular things we don't want, primarily pvp enhancing nodes (also a pvp server). As far as the OP goes, something like this in any sort of automated fashion is not possible, it has been researched and tried before by the members of the Nodus community itself, trust me, it wont happen. Like some of the people above said, the best you can do is to educate yourself on how some of these "hacks" work, and appropriately address the ones that are important to you with well developed plugins like nocheat+, anticheat, orbfuscator, and a host of others that provide different functions.

    I hope nobody reads this post and takes it as me preaching hacking and griefing, just saying there are ways to do everything, and I feel that attempting a blanket ban on anyone even logging in with Nodus is a very misguided idea.
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    I use Nodus on my own server to easily monitor the players. Still, the very fact that there is something like a "Nodus community" only formed around the premise of ruining gameplay for others sickens me.

    I'm not saying that I don't like you, I'm just saying that I wouldn't hide you behind my shelf if Hitler came back from the dead and decided to gas all griefers.
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    That's the flaw here.

    You don't want to fight Nodus, you want to fight the effects, and as you stated, NoCheat+ does this already.

    That's perfect! Then nobody could mod Spoutcraft, right? Right? :|
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    Stop replying to this.. I dropped the idea as soon as mbaxter found the flaw.
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    Yeah, but another one of these pops up like every week; so I thought I'd supply more ammunition against the next one.

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