NofallArea. (no fall demage for a specific WorldGuard Region)

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  1. Plugin category: Administration

    Suggested name: NofallArea

    What I want: I want a plugin that can make it possible to install nofalldamage into a worldguard region and not for every terrain becouse i got a spawn in sky and i want to let people jump out of the island without any fall damage and the pvp must work and every damage must work so i hope someone can make that

    If you got any questions about what i want then reply please or if there is alredey a plugin for this then reply too please

    Ideas for commands: /nofallarea add <wgregionname>

    Ideas for permissions: nofallarea.add, nofallarea.add.regionname
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    put this in your config:
        - 'if target.type.player and damage.type.fall and target.inregiononly.wgregionname': #actually use the right name#
            - '0'
    MD can do loads more, but its lightweight and does that small thing too.
    Join the IRC channel #ModDamage on for more information on its potential.
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  3. what config? worldguard? and if its worldguard then WHERE?
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    the plugin is called ModDamage, and you can get it at the config auto generates, look for Damage: in it, and copy that excerpt in.
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  5. thank you realy much, i liked your messages :D

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