Nodus: To Spout or not to Spout?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nuinbot, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I am currently working on a server when I have recently discovered the Nodus hack mod on MPGH forums, here. If you don't know already, this mod is just about as good if not better than Zombe Mods and CJB Mods yet CANNOT be blocked. I am now starting to look back at my plans for my future server with uncertainty.

    The big question: Do I force my players to use Spout clients to bypass Nodus?

    Realize, I know that NoCheat can block most of the self/inflicted damage, but it is the x-ray, camera, chest-highlighting, etc. that I am worried about. I tested it on my server and was easily able to still x-ray to see ores, use the camera to no-clip through walls, and many other horrifying and experience-breaking features.

    I would like to get everyone's opinions and suggestions on the matter, as well as what current admins do about this. Thanks for reading.
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    It's something I'm considering myself. Just keep in mind that many legitimate players don't like to use spoutcraft because it's typically laggier than regular minecraft clients. Maybe have an application where people you trust to not grief/cheat can ask for exceptions to the forced spoutcraft check (it's possible with permission nodes)?
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    Use orefuscator (spelling ?) It is an anti xray plugin and it has a feature so that you can't see chests until you're close to them

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    I vote yes :)
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    Seems like a stupid idea to force Spout on users just because of a petty hack. I hope you realize that people can port hacked clients into Spoutcraft easily.
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    Yeah, I guess I just might have to use OreObfuscator. However, people that bury chests underground near their base will still have them revealed which is quite disturbing. I guess I will have to tell people that if they want to be completely hidden, using dispensers as chests is a viable alternative. Sad.

    EDIT - I will be offering some type of purchased chest protection such as LWC. I just don't want users to feel like it is necessary.
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    It is though. ;P
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    There are clients that work on Spout by the way, I've seen at least two of them on HF.
  9. It's just as easy of not easier to make clients for spoutcraft, I have seen some so if you force spoutcraft, they will simply use a hack that works with spoutcraft.

    Try orebfuscator for the issue with xraying.
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    One player with nodus using nuker can bring your server to a crawl (1tps) at least in my testing. Anticheat can block many part of nodus enough to hopefully make most people with it to log and find another server. I just started forcing spoutcraft for the time being though.

    Edit: Didnt realize this post was so old.
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    You should delete that link. 1337 hakC3rz Might decide to get the hacked client

    NVM Dear god this is an old post.
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