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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: NoDropGet

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where when you mine diamondblocks,emeraldblocks,lapisblocks,redstoneblocks,goldblocks,ironblocks,ironore,goldore,diamondore,emeraldore,redstoneore,lapisore they would just end up in your inventory and not be dropped. so if you mine a diamondblock it would end up in your inventory, you wont have to pick it up. also if you can make it so when you mine those blocks you would get 5. so if you mine a diamondblock you would get 5 diamondblocks. and if you mine an ironore you would get 5 ironingots. same for the goldore you would get 5 goldingots.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No Permissions

    When I'd like it by: end of this month ?
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    Working on this.
  3. Greetings. I recently noticed this request and I thought I'd do it just for some fun, and INDEED it was very fun! After some tweaks I successfully created a plugin that fulfills this request and at the same time I had fun finding an efficient way to do this, I even supplied a configuration file in case you would like to change the drop quantities or the blocks all together!. Many Thanks and you are very welcome.

    Download Link:

    (I shall post a video of me making it by the next 2 hours)
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    The Blocks work fine, can you do the same thing with the ores? but instead of receiving an ironore or goldore you would get an ironingot or a goldingot? and same goes with the diamondore,emeraldore,redstoneore,lapisore? but keep the fortune off the pickaxe to determent the drop amount for those.
  5. sure thing.
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    PetrosPolemistis I was already working on this for him but whatever I guess..
  7. michael566 And indeed I got it done faster. Nothing but good wishes for you sir :).

    Ok! the plugin has been updated with this feature and it adds a new configuration section in the configuration so I strongly recommend that you delete your current configuration file for my plugin. How it works is the same, you add the blocks you want in the list, However in order for the spawned itemstacks to be replaced with ingots for example you must add the drop material type in the 'Transformations' section in the new config along with the replacement material name (EX: - gold_ore,gold_ingot). Also for your convenience I added a reload feature that reloads the plugin (requires the permission "nodropget.reload") so you won't have to reload or restart the entire server when you want to update the configuration state.

    Same Download Link:

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    That works ! , but i still need emeraldore,diamondore,redstoneore,lapisore to do the same , but with those i need it to depend on the fortune of the pickaxe. overall grate work !
  9. PM me instead please.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Why PM?
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  11. Simply because it seems pointless to have this post bumped for no reason, due to a simple public reply to one person.

    moltak100 Ok man, same download link. Oh, also delete the old config file. Also, fyi you can manually configure the drop settings etc. In the configuration. Just ask if you are confused on how to use the configuration.

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    And what if that information is also relevant for somebody else that wants to use this?

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