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    Looking for a plugin that would tempban a player when they hit a certian ammount of voiltion for example user has 1k vl temp ban 30 minutes and whe nthey come back they have 0 vl again!

    Simple but useful! Anyone up to it?
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    Can't you have No Cheat run a command after a certain amount of violations? If so just have it run a temp ban command.
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    Well that would be nice, but I check and I dont see it
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    This is great news i'm not sure I understand 100% where do I fill in what amount of vl to tempban is the it actions part change the 4 to like 400?

    Anyone else know what I need to do to tempban a player at 500 vl

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    (violation level greater than 500)
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    @Xron NoCheatPlus doesn't have a "action config" for all checks, means that you cant kick/ban/tempban a player if he reaches a defined VL for EVERY check. The reason why its not possible to make a global action config is because every check generates a different amount of VL if a player fails a it. For example: SurvivalFly goes pretty fast to VL 100-200 while NoSwing will takes ages to even go higher then 30.

    So if you really want to tempban for some checks then you would have to configure each one individually.

    So here an example of SurvialFly:
          active: true
            vertical-accounting: true
          actions: ---blabla some stuff is here blablabla---- vl>1000 log:flylong:0:5:cif cancel cmd:kickfly
    So we have this line: vl>1000 log:flylong:0:5:cif cancel cmd:kickfly

    Lets split it in parts to explain better:
    vl>1000 : If a player reaches a VL over 1000 then run action...

    log:flylong:0:5:cif : If a player reaches a VL over 1000 then log in c=console i=InGameChat f=File(nocheatplus.log). flylong is the string that allows you to define the log message that is used for cif (console, ingame and file...)

    So lets take a look at the flylong string:
    flylong: '[player] failed [check]: tried to move from [locationfrom] to [locationto] over a distance of [distance] block(s). VL [violations].'
    As you see it has variables [] that will be filled with the right information from NoCheatPlus. So you can modify this completely as you like.

    cancel : Simple action that just resets the player location before the cheat was detected (just in case)

    cmd:kickfly : So if the player reaches a VL of 1000 he will get logged then cancelled and now NoCheatPlus will run the "kickfly" string from the console.

    Thats the "kickfly" string:
    kickfly: ncp delay ncp kick [player] Kicked for flying (or related).
    So this will simple run this command from the console: /ncp delay ncp kick [player] Kicked for flying (or related).
    And again [player] will get replaced with the name that failed that specific check. You can run every command here (as long as it works from the console!).

    So you can use strings for nearly everything, you can use them to "store" commands but you could also use them to modify log messages.

    There are also some example strings already included in the configuration.yml of NoCheatPlus:
    tempkick1: ncp tempkick [player] 1 Wait a minute!
    tempkick5: ncp tempkick [player] 5 You have five minutes to think about it!

    NoCheatPlus already has a tempban command which is called "tempkick", however you can use whatever plugin you want to tempban. No one is forced to use the NC+ tempban command.

    More info s about actions you get here:
    If you have difficulty's fell free to ask me or asofold for help.

    I don't recommend letting NoCheatPlus decide who to tempban or permban, its not perfect and your players shouldn't get banned just because of NC+ thinks they are hacking.
  9. You could let some checks kick or ban, but we are a little bit lacking the documentation about which checks have what violation levels for real cheating, how reliable they are, if influenced by lag etc.

    We are still contemplating about how to build that docs, not sure BukkitDev has the optimal structure for such, we might put such pages on later on.

    Mind that some checks already use "ncp delay" as a prefix to the command, which lets the command be executed in a scheduled task. Reason is not to interfere with the following event processing (for instance set-back locations). The chat.text and chat.color and chat.captcha must have delayed actions, because they are not processed in the main thread and many commands would lead to real trouble if called from another thread.
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    I think the documentation on our DevBukkit page is already too "heavy/big", maybe we could add some small infos about those things.
    Do you think a webpage in direction to a wiki or more a simple php/html page?
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    As a happy user of your plugin i think a wiki would be nice.
    Just like WorldEdit / WorldGuard
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    Hmm ok I think about it :)
  13. I told him ! :p

    We do plan to add some overview pages, but a good documentation takes way more time than some people might think, also to maintain it takes time, and even writing a bad one takes considerable amounts of time :) ..

    Currently the essenials spawn issue takes considerable resources off us.
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    Meh if I do this then only with a cron job that sends me a backup of the WWW dir ;P
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    Which one will I use to ban people using forcefield

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