Problem/Bug Nobody but me can join my server!!! D:

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by happyjack777, Jul 26, 2015.

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    I created a minecraft server and installed tons of cool stuff on it and now I want my friends to join but they cant! Ive tried port forwarding, creating rules for firewall and disabling my firewall but they STILL cant join! HEEEELP!!!
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    Have you tryed disabling whitelisting? If you disable it people can join. I beleive to do this type /whitelist off. Then people can join. If that dosent work, in the server find a file called "whitelist" and delete it.
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    If you had allready done the port fowarding done correctly, your friends should join, But you don't give them the IPV4 address OR the Default Gateway, what you need to do is go to and copy the ip down from there (the ip is your public IP adress...) it should look like this...

    Then put :25565 (whatever the port is) at the end, and it sould look like this:
    ==Give that to your friend(s) and they should be able to join...
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    Since 25565 is the default port, you don't need to enter it after typing in the ip or server address. Only if your port is different from 25565 would you have to enter it (provided you haven't set up an srv record to handle it).
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    Simple Fix For Port Forwarding and IP's Used To Connect With
    Locating IP's
    What you need to do is go into cmd and type ipconfig. Go to the IPV4 and then copy the address which will look sommig like this: 192.168.*.**(*).
    Add the IPV4 to Your Notepad
    Then copy this address to your document of all server settings. Go to your server IP and put the IPV4 address there. Also make the port 25565.
    Port Forwarding
    Now go into your browser and locate your default gateway IP -- 192.168.*.* . This is below the IPV4. Login to your router. Now go to Port Forwarding or to learn how to access the port forwarding in your router. Now, in the port forwarding - Put the name as minecraft server or whatever, the port range of 25565 - 25565. Add your IPV4 address tot he server IP. Make it both TCP and UDP. Save this rule and restart your router.
    See Where the Port Is Open and IP's That People Connect With
    Go to a website like find whether the port is open by typing the port of 25565, this is also where the external IP for people connecting outside of your LAN connection. For people connecting in a LAN connection, they will use your IPV4 address and you will use localhost,, or whatever.
    Inbound and Outbound Rules
    Go to your firewall on windows (search firewall or go Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall\Allowed applications) Then just make sure that Java has both private ad public rules enabled.

    Then, go to the firewall and select advanced settings. Now go inbound rules and select new rule Select Port, TCP, specific range and go 25565, allow the connection, make sure all boxes are ticked and then call it outbound TCP. Do the same thing, this time with UDP. Once all done, go outbound and then do the same above.

    Hope This Helps, if not contact me, if it does then :)
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    ipconfig, not ipcofig (making sure any other people that don't already know the correct command know now.
    Leaving the IP section in your blank will allow it to automatically select the correct IP to run on.
    Not everyone has a "portforwarding" button, I go to Firewall and then Virtual Servers.
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