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    Looks like fun!
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    Yeah :)
    Here's a picture I took about a day ago to give you an idea :

    Sorta hard to see the sign in the background.
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    Thanks a lot for this plugin =)
    I have a question: payers have better luck if the price is high?
    ex: if I put two signs : one at 10$ and another at 20$, do they have the same rate of luck?
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    Ouch. I Got a Huge Internal Error On this one :\

    :( how do i fix this?

    It seems as though when i took out my FakePermissions and GroupManager It works fine.. ?

    Looks good so far. the only things id do to improve it is showing your remaining money or new amount of money when you win/lose. and making the amount of chances ( J 7 C <--- more of those) and the ability to change the chances. other than that. Beautifully done
    Lol definately customizable chance rate cause i just won 47000 dollars playing slots :p
    and it only took 20 mins
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    @Kendiggity : That seems to be from Fake Permissions having the same name as Permissions, so it thinks that you have Permissions when you really don't :\

    I find Permissions a lot easier than Group Manager.

    Also for the custom chances, I'll add that in next version.
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    you should Also add more Slots if you catch my drift :p like be able to set how many different outcomes there are. if its possible make it so you can add them and make your own custom payout possibilities like

    ##Payout possibilities

    J 7 J - 10:1

    7 R H - 50:1

    if you get where im going. just trying to throw future ideas out there to make this thing super-awesome. not like it isnt already. ive probably lost enough money :p
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    tha d0ctor

    this can be done if you know what you are doing in the SRC ;) Instead I raqther add more stuff like L (lemon - yellow) B (bell - orange) C (cherry-red) to make it more difficult, only return 5x the bet if you win
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    Need help with set a amount (/slots set payout <index> <new amount> - Sets the new winning amount for the index. (0 is jackpot, 1 is 7s, 2 is cherry, etc))

    How to fix ex, BBB = 30c...
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    Holy hell someone actually made this... You are my hero.
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    tha d0ctor

    hey I went in and added some more options with L for lemon and X for another spinning option to make it harder to win if anyone is interested just change this code in SRC:

    if[/B](numRolled >= 7) 
    //from 5
    ); [B]return[/B]
    String line =myMachine
    // double randomValue = 0 + Math.random() * 6; 
    // Random aRandom = new Random(); [B]int[/B] aNumber = ([B]int[/B]
    ) (Math.[I]random[/I]() * 7 + 0); 
    // double [U]rand[/U] = Math.random(); 
    // if([U]rand[/U] <= 0.33333333333333331D) [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 6) roll[numRolled
    ] = 6; [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 5) roll[numRolled
    ] = 5; [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 4) roll[numRolled
    ] = 4; 
    // if([U]rand[/U] > 0.33333333333333331D && [U]rand[/U] <= 0.58333333333333326D) [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 3) roll[numRolled
    ] = 3; 
    //if([U]rand[/U] > 0.58333333333333326D && [U]rand[/U] <= 0.74999999999999989D) [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 2) roll[numRolled
    ] = 2; 
    // if([U]rand[/U] > 0.74999999999999989D && [U]rand[/U] <= 0.87499999999999989D) [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 1) roll[numRolled
    ] = 1; 
    //if([U]rand[/U] > 0.87499999999999989D) [B]if[/B]
    (aNumber == 0) roll[numRolled
    ] = 0;
    String character =" "
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 0)
    character ="J"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 1)
    character ="7"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 2)
    character ="C"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 3)
    character ="H"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 4)
    character ="B"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 5)
    character ="L"
    ; [B]if[/B](roll[numRolled
    ] == 6)
    character ="X"
    iGamble.[I]outputMessage[/I](roller, addColor(([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]GOLD[/I]).append("You rolled a ").append(character).append(ChatColor.[I]GOLD[/I]).append("."
    line = addColor(([B]new[/B] StringBuilder(String.[I]valueOf[/I](ChatColor.[I]stripColor[/I](line).substring(0, 4 * numRolled)))).append(character).append(ChatColor.[I]stripColor[/I](line).substring(4 * numRolled
     + 1)).toString()); myMachine
    .getSign().setLine(2, line); myMachine
    .getSign().update(); numRolled
     String addColor(String line)
    [B]return[/B] line.replace("J", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]LIGHT_PURPLE[/I]).append("J").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("7", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]RED[/I]).append("7").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("C", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]DARK_RED[/I]).append("C").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("H", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]AQUA[/I]).append("H").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("B", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]GREEN[/I]).append("B").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("L", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]YELLOW[/I]).append("L").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]).toString()).replace("X", ([B]new[/B] StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.[I]BLUE[/I]).append("X").append(ChatColor.[I]BLACK[/I]
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    I am loving this plugin.
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    looking into this plugin, it have config.yml?, iconomy win of machine goes at his owner?
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    placed a sign

    i then type /slots hit return and got told that "you must put in an argument" im not very good at arguing with my server but i tried "/slots cos if you dont ill remove your power" seems my argument wasnt persuasive enough so what do i need to type to get it to work?
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    tha d0ctor

    add slots.* to your premissions and when you want to create a slot machine format the sign as described and then type
    /slots create and left click on the sign
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    that worked thanks
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    I love it! I think it would be even better if you made it so instead of right clicking a sign, the creator of the slot puts a lever to the right of the sign and you use the lever to use the slot machine :D
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    This is amazing! good work!

    However i think i found a bug... here is my config

        jackpot: 1000
        red7: 500
        cherry: 250
        heart: 150
        bar: 50
    As you can see the payout for bar is 50

    however when a player rolls B B B (wins a bar) he wins 150 not the 50 he should win, i think the plugin is getting the bar and heart mixed up or have i done something wrong.

    (i have even tryed chaning the payout ingame - "B B B" Still wins 150)

    other than that Good job i cant get my players off the slots lol, keep up the good work!
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    plus one for lever idea :)
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    Payout gets multiplied by the cost of each roll, so your cost must have been 3
    3 * 50 = 150

    Updated to v0.2 with the ability for you guys to add your own rolls like thed0ctor did with lemon.
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    oh i thought you win a proportion of what you pay in!
    we have them lined up in a casino
    costs as follows
    .50 1 5 10
    we assumed that if you got the jackpot on a cost 10 you would win more then a .50 spin one...ohhh thats bad !
    Ignore that posted before i read your reply.
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    You do win more though..
    .50 one halves your winnings and the 10 one multiplies the winnings by 10.
    It's a big difference in winnings :)
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    yep realise that now lol as i said i posted before your reply

    none of us have won anything in our "casino" yet so havent seen the effects
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    Yeah you might want to change the chances if you aren't getting anything.
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    Strange, when I change the payouts in the config file and restart the server, it puts the payout values back to what they are by default.

    Any Ideas? This is way too easy to make money on without it allowing payout changes
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    So we just rename the download from .zip to .jar?
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    Update to v0.2
    I know the reason why, it's because when you stop the server, it saves the current values which were loaded when the server started so it would save the defaults over any changes you've made.

    @pudd1nG : You extract the jar from the zip file.
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    I updated, and now rolls.txt and config.yml both have payout amounts... I'm confused what the purpose of rolls.txt is. Am I supposed to delete config.yml now? Or how does the rolls.txt work

    Edit: Config updated to only include 2 lines, but the rolls.txt produces the same lines over and over. What is the chance? Doesn't it just random choose one of the digits

    Also, the color section in the rolls.txt does not work for everything, such as the 7 doesn't change the color for the chat box and the heart doesnt get changed at all.
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    There might be a few errors with the colors I haven't tested them all.
    Chance is what chance that roll will be picked because sometimes you want higher rolls to be picked less often and smaller ones to be picked more often.
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    Is it okay if you can explain the chances of each item more clearly? It seems as though 1/4 doesn't mean a 25% chance of getting that roll...

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