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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Syrianen, May 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category:
    I don't know.

    Suggested name:

    What I want:
    Hey, i am i need of a plugin, and i hope somebody can make it for me!
    So, i'm making like donation information boards, and i'm using item frames to get a image on a map. But the only plugin i've found is renaming the map to like column 1, row 2 or something like that. I'd like if someone made a plugin that disabled the name of a item being displayed on a itemframe.

    And if anyone could make like you spawn a special itemframe that can't be broken by players without a certain permission. It would be like /itemframeblocker get. PLEASE

    Ideas for commands:
    /itemframeblocker get (spawn a special itemframe)
    /itemframeblocker on/off (toggle plugin)

    /ifb should be a alias for /itemframeblocker.

    Ideas for permissions:
    ifblocker.get (can spawn a special itemframe)
    ifblocker.toggle (can toggle the plugin)
    ifblocker.break (can break a special itemframe)

    When I'd like it by:

    If this is impossible, please tell me. And in case anybody can make this, ask for any question and i'll answer in 12 hours.
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    @poopnozle, i'm aware of that but the plugin i use to get a image on a map renames the map. As i said.
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    Rascal Two

    @poopnozle True, but in @Syrianen's case he/she can't because the items (Maps) that he/she is trying to put into item frames come already named. I could do this plugin, but It'll take me about three days to do it - got other things to to. If anybody else can do it before me though go ahead :)
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    @Rascal Two, would really appreciate if you made this, take the time you need, i'm in no hurry.
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    I believe that it is impossible to make it not display the name, but it would be possible to make it remove the item's name once it is put in the frame so it won't display.
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    Rascal Two

    @Freelix2000 True it may not be possible to prevent the displaying of a items name that is in a ItemFrame. I'm going to make it is almost like what you said. I'm removing the Item DisplayName from the Item itself and placing it inside the Metadata of the ItemFrame, then when the Item is ejected I'll give its name back. :)
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    That isn't what this plugin request is for, but it could be useful regardless.
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    @Freelix2000 It's better to utilize plugins you already have instead of creating another plugin to perform another task that you could complete with another plugin (long (probably run-on) sentence).
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    Rascal Two

    @ForsakenRealmz Vary true, but when I make it would be possible to enable or disable the anti-destruction of the item frames, so if he chooses to use world guard, the anti-destruction can be disabled, prevent the unnecessary usage of resources. If you were talking more about how useless in regard to time it takes to basically 're-invent the wheel', then yea it is a complete waste of time, but in my case I have made a plugin that optionally protected item frames, so it won't be much extra time spent copying it to this plugin.

    It wasn't the primary plugin request @Freelix2000,
    but more of a optional feature request.
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