Solved No Permission statement not working?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by IAreKyleW00t, Mar 7, 2014.

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    So, I know how to check if a user has Permission or not...
    1. if (!sender.hasPermission(cmd.getPermission())) {
    2. ...
    3. }

    But whenever I put stuff within that block, it'll never be executed if the user doesn't have permission. I want to be able to properly output information, as well as a "no permission" message but I fails to do that regardless of that I do.

        description: Ban a player
        usage: /ban <player> [reason]
        permission: skaianet.admin.ban
        description: Allows the player to ban another player
    Main Class:
    1. this.getCommand("ban").setExecutor(new BanCmd(this));

    BanCmd Class:
    1. @Override
    2. public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String label, String[] args) {
    3. if (!sender.hasPermission(cmd.getPermission())) {
    4. sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You don't have permission to do that.");
    5. return true;
    6. }
    7. ...
    8. }

    The problem I'm having is that if a player doens't have permission, it spits out that generic "I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to ..." message instead of the custom one I set. The entire block between the If-statement isn't even executed. How can I fix this, or (if this fits better), how should i set up Permission handling? I've tried looking through the forum for similar answers, but I haven't found anything...
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    Try something like

    If command is /test && sender.has permission
    Write code to be done here
    Send player a message.
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    IAreKyleW00t Try
    1. if (player.hasPermission("permission") {
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    I guess I should try using...
    1. if (sender.hasPermission(cmd.getPermission()) == false) {
    2. ...
    3. }

    EDIT: That didn't fix it. It still throws that same generic error message.

    How come if I use "my.permission.*" it won't pick up on "my.permission.ban"? Am I missing something with that as well?
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    Are you dispatching any command with that?
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    What do you mean exactly?
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    You cannot use wildcards in literals.
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    When you perform your /ban command, what exactly is happening? Is the player performing some command?
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    The player specified is getting banned... but that's not the problem. I'm wondering why it's not throwing a specific error message that I specify when the player doesn't have permission.

    Would I need to do that through plugin.yml and set the children in order to do that?
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    Let me see if I'm understanding your problem, you're getting a different message then the one you put in?

    In that case, how exactly is the player getting banned? Are they performing another command when they write /ban? Maybe something like this?
    1. player.performCommand("someOtherBanCommand");
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    No... I just want to output a custom No Permission message if the user doesn't have permission to use a command. That's all. That has absolutely nothing to do with the problem.
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    1. if(!player.hasPermission("permission")) {
    2. player.sendMessage("no permission");
    3. return true;
    4. }

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    That's the problem I'm having... for some reason it doesn't send the "no permission" message. I have
    if (!sender.hasPermission(cmd.getPermission())) {
        sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You don't have permission to do that.");
        return true;
    But it refuses to send that message. Instead, it outputs the default "I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to..."
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    Remove the permission from the command in the plugin.yml
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    This fixed the issue, but would I still set wildcards in the plugin.yml? (Eg: skaianet.admin.*)
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    Using inheritances:
    1. name: Inferno
    2. version: 1.4.1
    3. description: This plugin is so 31337. You can set yourself on fire.
    4. # We could place every author in the authors list, but chose not to for illustrative purposes
    5. # Also, having an author distinguishes that person as the project lead, and ensures their
    6. # name is displayed first
    7. author: CaptainInflamo
    8. authors: [Cogito, verrier, EvilSeph]
    9. website: [url][/url]
    11. main: com.captaininflamo.bukkit.inferno.Inferno
    12. database: false
    13. depend: [NewFire, FlameWire]
    15. commands:
    16. flagrate:
    17. description: Set yourself on fire.
    18. aliases: [combust_me, combustMe]
    19. permission: inferno.flagrate
    20. usage: Syntax error! Simply type /&lt;command&gt; to ignite yourself.
    21. burningdeaths:
    22. description: List how many times you have died by fire.
    23. aliases: [burning_deaths, burningDeaths]
    24. permission: inferno.burningdeaths
    25. usage: |
    26. /&lt;command&gt; [player]
    27. Example: /&lt;command&gt; - see how many times you have burned to death
    28. Example: /&lt;command&gt; CaptainIce - see how many times CaptainIce has burned to death
    30. permissions:
    31. inferno.*:
    32. description: Gives access to all Inferno commands
    33. children:
    34. inferno.flagrate: true
    35. inferno.burningdeaths: true
    36. inferno.burningdeaths.others: true
    37. inferno.flagrate:
    38. description: Allows you to ignite yourself
    39. default: true
    40. inferno.burningdeaths:
    41. description: Allows you to see how many times you have burned to death
    42. default: true
    43. inferno.burningdeaths.others:
    44. description: Allows you to see how many times others have burned to death
    45. default: op
    46. children:
    47. inferno.burningdeaths: true
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    I know, but because of the fact that I removed the permission from the command within plugin.yml, will that affect inheritance?
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    Well, I am not sure.
    But, something I am sure about:
    permission-message: Message
    Will fix it if it does.
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