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    I would like a plugin that keeps a log of all the people who have most likely using nodus like a log of hyper speeds or high jumps or teleporting and every thing nodus has to offer and after it finds you 10 times it /tempban (name) 1m Nodus

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    If you check out NoCheatPlus or AntiCheat, they sort of work this way. Other thing is NODUS has stopped being developed for now! announced it. But I know there are plenty of other hacking clients out there. In the end there is no one solution on how to prevent cheats.
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    Nodus will be picked up. Its life isnt over.
  4. NoCheatPlus ;>
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    Use nocheatplus, But go to their jenkins and download the latest stable build off of there. Because when I use the build on the bukkit page it usually doesn't work.
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    use but then people keep getting kicked off for flying when they not cuz for some reason they spawn in the air then fall :(

    :( spawn in air= kick.

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