No new animals spawn... why?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by odielag, May 11, 2012.

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    I have a complicated server, but normal mobs spawn places but not new animals. When I first made the server animals were around, but not now. People search for hours in the boonies to no avail.

    Here are my plugins...
    Plugins (47): LagMeter, EconomyPunga, Minequery, Towny, CaptureThePortal, ExtraFlight, mcjobs, Buycraft, Spout, Vault, PermissionsEx, TerrainControl, Questioner, RemoteToolkitPlugin, dynmap, ModReq, BorderGuard, DynamicBan, TreasureHunt, iConomy, KarmicShare, Random Spawn, DragonTravel, MasterPromote, WormholeXTreme, BKCommonLib, ZavAutoMessager, ColorMe, Modifyworld, NoCheat, Votifier, mcMMO, HyperConomy, Essentials, Orebfuscator, 31mChatManager, TownyChat, WorldEdit, EssentialsSpawn, WebAuctionPlus, DeathControl, LogBlock, LWC, WorldGuard, NoLagg, ChestShop, MusicService
    Any suggestions? I wonder if the offenders are worldedit or towny... looking into things.

    BTW, my world is 8km radius circle with custom terrain generation (256 high mountains, 120y ocean)
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    Try removing all your plugins, and see if they spawn, then you know it's a plugin and not a chunk/map error. Then install every plugin one by one and see which one causes the problem. It could also be two plugins interfering with each other, that would also have to be checked.

    Hope I helped.
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    I wish that did help... I copied the world to a stock bukkit server folder and flew around it... no animals until it generated new chunks (which were 100y lower than the custom generated chunks on the main server)...

    Any other ideas?
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    Nathan C

    NoLagg limits animal/mob spawning, so look into that.

    Also what is this Spout plugin? Are you using Spout? If so, it has horrible issues and one of them could be animal spawning. I recommend you use Bukkit.
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    I thought animals don't respawn now that they don't despawn.. I haven't seen any new animals in a while..
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    I only had the plugin TerrainControl setup and mobs wouldn't spawn... I don't know if it's because land is between 120y-256y, or what...
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