No More Arrows To The Knee

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Imm0rt41, Jan 6, 2012.

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    I used to manually slap all players who said they took an arrow to the knee, but then I thought of this plugin.

    So, we're all starting to get tired of that old arrow to the knee joke. So what I propose is a plugin that indeed, gives those players an arrow to the knee. Whenever anyone says the phrase "I took an arrow to the knee" or any similar phrase, they will get bombarded with arrows to the knees until they die.

    Now, I know what you're thinking, what if they're in godmode or creative? Well, one thing I have found is that you still have your health bar in either one, your just told not to take damage from things (at least I'm assuming that's how it works). So what this will do is if it registers you not having damage taken from the arrows, then it will take away however much damage the arrow would normally do on contact so that people get confused and scared.

    So yea, that's pretty much it. If anyone feels like taking up this plugin, add me in skype, my skype is the_basement_nerd.
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    lol, this would be funny.
    I would do this, but sadly I can't use eclipse currently as my laptop is getting fixed.
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    Well, do you wanna do it when it gets fixed then?
  4. I like the idea xD.
    I'll try it after dinner, already have a listener for this, only need to make a shower of arrows :p

    Well... I failed.
    How do you stop a repeating task? xd

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    A repeating task, such as one scheduled through Bukkit's scheduler or... ? Either way, this might be a question to be asked in the plugin development forum instead of the main request thread for it.
  6. The one through the bukkit scheduler, just posted it here because I stopped making it last night and wanted to post that... :d
    I could probably figure it out myself, just need a bit more time for it since I slightly froze my laptop last night with a repeating task :p
  7. What do you need the task for? Simply fire an arrow onPlayerChat().
  8. One arrow wont kill someone.
    And just making them die without actually making the arrow kill them isn't what I wanted.
    The only way to repeat something is a task, right?
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    you could create a synchronous thread and then put it to sleep for x millis to have a delay between each shot
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Stop a thread with
    You can get the task ID when scheduling it, instead of doing getScheduler.., do int ID = getScheduler..
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    i just realized i forgot to watch this thread and so have been missing all the updates on it. so how is it going so far?
  12. Never use sleep in minecrafts main thread. A sync task runs in minecrafts main thread, too!
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    wait, so is someone making this plugin or has it just become a thread for discussing how to properly spam arrows on someone?
  14. I think/hope @naithantu is developing it. He asked a question about tasks cause of it. ;)
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    naithantu, doth this be true? cause this plugin needs to be out there

    EDIT: also, naithantu, can you add customizable phrases to trigger the arrow shower? because often one thing ive found is that plugin makers will forget that phrases can be said in other ways, and so i want people to be able to manually add the phrases so that the system cant be cheated
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    I can probably make this if he doesn't finish it before me
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    if he doesnt reply in 3 days, then your up. also add me to skype so we can talk about it, i always ask people developing my ideas to do that but they never do :(. my skype is the_basement_nerd
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    When the onPlayerChatEvent occurs + if statements to specify the arrow to the knee related phrases, add them to an arraylist, register the onPlayerMoveEvent to shoot arrows in a player every time they move if they're on the arraylist. Then register the onEntityDamageEvent, and if a damaged entity is a player, that player is on said arraylist, and player.getHealth() <= event.getDamage(), remove them from the arraylist.

    Any questions? *Evil Grin*
  19. This, but i would go for PlayerDeathEvent instead of the damage event. It would probably not take longer than 30 minutes. Does someone (whoever is developing this at the moment) need help?
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    Either way would work, if the current dev needs any help I'd be happy to assist, as long as you credit me of course. :p
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    Hey, also for whoever works on this, can I write the bukkit plugin description on it? i just wanna write it cause i wanna see if i can do a good description. and yes, i will obviously give you guys credit for being the developers
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    If the dev doesn't post here in two days, I'm making it myself, I'm tired of waiting.
    And sure Imm0rt41 you can make the description, one of the reasons I haven't released any of my plugins is because I'm too lazy to write the descriptions.

    EDIT: I might not actually wait that long.
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    Send one arrow and just .kill him ?
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    That's no fun.
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    Why bother with the scheduler when you don't have to? You're making this more complicated than it needs to be.

    Immort41, I got bored and wrote it, and it's finished. PM me if you want it, I need a plugin name and a description and a bit more info on what features you want. I'll support it until all the bugs are fixed, maybe for longer if it's popular. I'll add you on skype.

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    lol, sweet thanks. my skype is the_basement_nerd
  28. I... probably am. :(
    Any chance you could send me the plugin? Just to look at how you did it? :D
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    It's almost ready for release, you can wait till then. :p

    Someone throw me a good name for it? I'll credit you.

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  30. ArrowsToTheirKnees - penalty for arrow to the knee jokes

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