No Mobs? Mobs not spawning after a while.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kalez, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Not sure if this is due to CraftBukkit or Minecraft itself, but after a few hours (not sure exactly how many, but we really notice it after a day or so) mobs (non-animal) pretty much stop spawning all together and you can wander outside or in mines in the dark and never see anything that doesnt come from a spawner. We dont have any plugins that would cause this that i know of and i am completely confused by this point. The way to fix it is to restart the server and mobs start spawning again for a while, but im not always there to do so every day. Anyone know if this is an issue with craftbukkit, or has anyone else had this problem?

    Current plugins: Transporter, iEmotions, MusicCraft, WolfPound, ColoredSigns, PortalStop, SheepFeed, AutoAnnouncer, LogOres, ConsoleName, DeathPenalty, LagMeter, WeatherRestrictions, WorldEdit, neoPaintingSwitch, SpawnMob, EndReset, Tables, Safe Creeper, NoEnderDragon, Vault, GlowSTONE, WorldGuard, PorteCoulissante, MCDocs, Doors Open Doors, ToughMelt, Nanobot, PlugMan, RetractableBridge, MyBed, Showcase, properTime, dynmap, Dynmap-WorldGuard, DeathControl, NarrowtuxLib, BookWorm, Register, BOSEconomy, MobBounty

    I know worldguard has some of mob blocking features, but most are turned off.

    P.S. I am also asking this on the minecraft forum.
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    That's a vanilla feature. You would need a plugin to spawn animals more frequently in already explored chunks.
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    i dont mean animals, i mean mobs as in creepers, spiders, skeletons, etc. after about a irl day they just stop spawning completely.
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    I noticed this aswell :/
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    So im
    so im not the only one? good to know :p

    I mean sure its nice not having to worry about mobs while mining or wandering the world aimlessly, but it takes half the fun out of the game (which in my opinion has already been dumbed down quite a bit in the last few updates :/ ). I remember being in fully lit caves and still turning around to find like 3 creepers sneaking up on my ass lol. now were wandering around in the dark for hours and... nothing! Then when we restart there server its like hell on earth with all the mobs again lol.
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    i have a feeling this is an issue that wont be resolved :/
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    Has this ever been resolved? I have the same exact problem on my server. Mobs spawn in the beginning and then they stop spawning after a while. I looked over your plugin list and the only plugins we have in common are Worldedit and Worldguard. I'm also running Java 7 but I don't know if that makes a difference or not. One thing I have noticed is if I use the /butcher command in the Essentials plugin, it claims it killed a bunch of mobs that don't exist and mobs start to spawn again normally, but then they stop spawning again after a short while. Anyone have any further incite into this issue?
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    I'm testing this stuff at the moment.. But also have the same issue on my server
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    I do as well. The entity count is rather high, but I think its because passive mobs don't despawn anymore.

    Very annoying.
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    that is a possibility i have considered, but then why when the server is restarted do hostile mobs spawn just fine for a while in their normal masses while those passive mobs still exist?
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    Found it: a bug with MC. If you set view-distance in your server properties lower than 10, hostile mobs despawn, but are kept in the entity count. Over time, this means fewer and fewer mobs. I set my view-distance back to 10, and we're swamped with mobs!
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    Really? Huh i guess we can try it. We had to set ours to 7 to try to reduce some lag we were having, but that was a while ago and was due to some plugins in the end.
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    I have been having this same problem and I will give the view-distance at 10 a try.
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