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    Plugin category: Usefull

    Suggested name: NoItem

    What I want: What i would like is for this to be compatable with worldguard. So in this i would like for the user not to be able to use items in a certain area. because i am trying to make a "Ghostcraft" server, and i am useing the plugin "GhostHunt" However when the player clicks the sign to get his items, he gets them and can use them. - Potions - Bows - Arrows - ECT. And i was wondering if something could be done about this. And or another plugin could be used to simulate "GhostCraft"

    If you would like to join my server to help me figure it out. (Not my real server just a test server) i will be more than thankfull for your help. Ip:
    Leave a responce if there is another plugin i should be useing and or if you can make this. Thankyou and have a goodnight :D

    EDIT: Also my skype is skyler.seifert (The one with the greenish photo) Thanks again
  2. Would the plugin OtherDrops work. :/
    EDIT: Also you're not allowed to pay. :/
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    I don't think you were understanding. When the players get their items from the class. I don't want them useing them untill they get into the arena. (another area)
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  4. Ahh, sorry didn't fully read it. If I come across something I'll tell you!
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    Okat thanks man!
  6. No problem! ;)
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    Also, do you know of a plugin that when a player dies he drop redstone and bones??? To make it seem like he died and his guts fell out?
  8. Hmm, I really don't know of any at le moment I'll try to find one :p!
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    okay <3
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    Theres loads out there but none with bones but heres one that drops blood:

    I can code the bones for you if you want?

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