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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mistermsk, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I was wondering. I have 2 computers. Both with the latest version of Java. One I can see all the text color fine. The other is just white. Anyone know what I can do just to get rid of the one with white?
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    you just have to workout the setups
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    Thanks so much andrewpi. So it is openGL issue. Unfortunately, my computer is older and at the latest version that it can be. I seen that people have solved this without updating there openGL version. <- Talks about modifying/replacing the nl.class. I assume since there are different versions (and bukkit is its own version) I would need a different class.

    Anyone know if they is a a nl.class fix for bukkit?

    EDIT: I just unzipped my craftbukkit.jar and do not see a nl.
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    It doesn't have to do with your craftbukkit jar., that displays colors just fine with the appropriate plugin, it's your minecraft.jar that you have to apply the fix to. Hope this helped.
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    Thanks so much. I found Spoutcraft. This is amazing. Besides showing colors on my laptop, it has a overview and a mini-map. So, now I won't get lost and always know were I am. Thanks Again.

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